283: July Q&A

283: July Q&A

Brendan and I are back for July’s Q&A session! The goal of these Q&A sessions is to allow you, the listener, a chance to submit questions and situations for us to help talk you through and mastermind. It doesn’t matter if the issue is personal or professional, sometimes you just need to talk it through and look at it from a different perspective.

Our questions this month range from how to get “unfrozen” when making decisions to medications to questions on coaching styles. The questions were in-depth this month and Brendan and I really dig in to help answer your questions. As usual, if you’ve been dealing with problematic ADHD symptoms, then you need to listen to this episode.

Please note that when we discuss medications, we can only address personal experience. Anytime you are prescribed a medication, you should reach out to your provider regarding your symptoms and experiences. Not all medications are effective for all people. There are a variety of options and you’ll need individual help to determine which medications are right for you.

This Q&A covered a wide range of topics and we provide some fantastic takeaways no matter what stage you’re in with your diagnosis. Listen in as we not only discuss your questions but also struggle with our own flare ups! Lack of sleep and competing priorities is problematic for everyone, but when you have ADHD it’s worse! (just ask Brendon!)

Your Resources:

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:34] Welcome back! This is the July Q&A session.
  • [05:48] Julie needs to learn how to break out of the frozen zone and make decisions.
  • [15:10] Daniel needs some help figuring out his medication times.
  • [23:39] Back from the break and responding to a question about managing dual diagnoses.
  • [27:36] How can you focus on the positives in the midst of failure? 
  • [33:50] Is group coaching comparable to 1:1 coaching? 
  • [42:43] How do you motivate yourself to get up and go when you have several responsibilities?
  • [46:42] Welcome Diane to the show! She asked a live question about overcoming sleep procrastination.
  • [56:22] How do you break big projects down into smaller steps so that you get them done? 
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