330: June 2020 Q&A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb

330: June 2020 Q&A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb

Do you have trouble transitioning from work to home? Listen as Eric Tivers with his guests, Brendan Mahan, and Will Curb answer questions from the listeners in our monthly Q & A session of ADHD reWired. We are taking questions from you, the listener, about situations you want to talk through. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional; we are here to give you our perspective and see if we can help you find some answers. 

Ella starts off this Q&A episode with a question about how to avoid doing things that pop up when things have to be done. Listen as Karen has a question that we are all dealing with now, working from home versus being in the office and the pluses and minuses of both. Matt has a question about relationships and his inability to be patient when trying to make friends.

Audrey has two questions for the panel: writing more concise email responses and tips on ways to stop losing things. Blake asks a question for his wife. When they have children, how hard will the load be on her? The panel says that you can only speculate on the challenges that they will face until you have kids.

Nathan was recently diagnosed with ADHD and wants to know the first five things he should learn about ADHD, and the last question is on Zoom fatigue and what causes it. If you had a question that wasn’t answered, please ask it in our Facebook community, and someone will share their insights, and we will catch you next month on our next Q&A episode.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [02:01] Welcome to our monthly Q & A with Will Curb and Brendan Mahan.
  • [03:28] Ella has a question about avoiding things that pop-up instead of what I should do?
  • [05:55] Will speaks about discipline and how that is hard with ADHD.
  • [07:11] Brendan gives his insights on this issue.
  • [09:31] Karen has a question about the pluses and minuses about working from home or the office.
  • [10:55] Eric says that everyone’s experience will be different and for Karen to ask her team which they prefer.
  • [12:09] Will speaks about how different it is to work from home when you have kids and how going to the office gives him a stop time.
  • [14:22] Brendan discusses the transition from the office to home.
  • [16:27] Even if you have phenomenal communication skills, you might not notice how stressed your team members are if you don’t see them.
  • [17:31] Eric shares his experience when working with an assistant.
  • [19:31] Matt has a question about relationships.
  • [20:38] Eric says that relationships are one of the hardest domains in life.
  • [21:22] Brendan gives his insights on relationships and how he made his friend group an adult.
  • [24:30] Eric comments on how Brendan shares intimacy with his friends.
  • [26:47] Eric believes that making friends as an adult is a topic more people need to talk about.
  • [32:44] Audrey asks how I can write emails to be more concise.
  • [33:50] Eric speaks about some tools that can help you respond to emails.
  • [35:21] Brendan shares his thoughts on this question.
  • [37:20] Will discusses what has helped him answer emails.
  • [38:31] Audrey wants tips on how she can keep from losing things.
  • [40:28] Brendan shares what he has done since high school to keep from losing things.
  • [41:46] Will says he loses things a lot because he sets things down in weird places.
  • [44:09] Do you look for something even though you are convinced you will not find where it is?
  • [47:40] Blake wants to know what kind of load his wife will bear if they have kids.
  • [48:35] Once you have kids it is much easier to navigate the challenges
  • [50:11] Nothing can prepare you for having children is an accurate statement.
  • [52:07] Will suggests balancing the load of work between both of you.
  • [53:28] Brendan shares his insights.
  • [54:46] Eric says that deciding to have children is the hardest decision anyone has to make.
  • [56:32] They give Nathan recommendations on the five things he should learn first after his recent ADHD diagnosis.
  • [58:38] Will says that getting sleep is the most important thing you can do.
  • [58:52] Brendan says that forgiveness is critical to self-care and ADHD management.
  • [59:22] How do we complete things? Is the next question they share.
  • [1:00:19] Brendan says to define done and set a boundary around what done means.
  • [1:01:11] The panel discusses Zoom fatigue and what the cause could be.
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  • [1:04:29] If you are not a Patreon, share your questions in our Facebook community.
  • [1:04:37] We appreciate you for listening to the show!
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