109: PLAYDHD by Kirsten Milliken

Who is that lady with the purple feathers in her hair? Is it….. Could it be…. Oh Yes! It is the very lovely, very playful, and Returning Guest, Dr. Kirsten Milliken gracing the virtual studios of ADHD reWired for her second appearance since episode 26.

Eric and Kirsten discuss her new book “PLAYDHD”.  She wrote this book three times so that we could read it once. Kirsten and Eric discuss the book and a very wide array of topics, including:

  • Do you prefer to make your own decisions?

  • Would you want to be a passenger on the space shuttle?

  • Do you prefer your vacations to be planned?

Dr. Kirsten Milliken takes a unique approach to treating ADHD as she combats this with play. She explains those of us with ADHD as we go through our daily routine do so with less dopamine than other neuro-typical individuals. While many of those with ADHD use a variety of things to deal with their own challenges, perhaps there are alternatives to the methods commonly employed.

As is always the case with which Kirsten is associated, this episode is no different. Kirsten discuses some of “The players” from her book.

The Joker

This is the most primitive. This might be the class clown, or anyone who is constantly seeking attention

The Explorer

The explorer is in a constant search for what else might be out there. Perhaps not content with things the way they are currently in their lives.

Others include the performer, and the collector. You will just have to wait until April 1rst to see the category into which you fall.

Dr. Kirsten Milliken will be charring the upcoming International ADHD Professionals Conference in Weston VA sponsored by the ADHD Coaching Organization on April 28th- May 1st

Some of the highlights of this episode:

  • Eric and Kirsten playing the conversation starter game.

  • Contest to win a free copy of PLAYDHD

  • Eric & Kirsten’s Possible new ice cream Business


ADHD Professionals Conference

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