303: Kyle Taking The Next Step

303: Kyle Taking The Next Step

Eric’s guest on this episode of ADHD reWired is Kyle. Kyle is a nineteen, born and raised near Vancouver British Columbia and was diagnosed with ADHD, an attentive type in June of 2019. Since his diagnosis, he has learned a lot about himself, how ADHD affects him and many great and not so great things that life has to offer. He is on the show for some coaching and assistance from Eric about the choices he needs to make and how ADHD can affect his future.

Kyle discusses his childhood, pivotal moments growing up, and how school was always easy for him. He speaks about being diagnosed with ADHD as a senior, then realizing he could see himself in the way his dad did things and how he talked to him about getting tested for ADHD. He also tells us about partying in 10th grade, how it affected his classes, and how marijuana helped and hindered his ADHD. He also talks about his friend dying right in front of him and how it was his wake up call that something needed to change.

What is your action plan to make college happen? This is a question Eric asks because Kyle wants to go to college, but right now, he is not financially able. They discuss asking his parents for money, getting student loans, and the pros and cons of both. Kyle doesn’t like to ask for help, but to make this dream come true, he is going to have to do something. Eric talks to him about making the plan and following through, whatever that might look like.

Listen to this fantastic conversation, and see if any of this sounds like you or someone you know. Once you have an action plan and the process, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. If you are not happy with your job prospects straight out of high school, ask for help, and take the next step in your education like Eric is encouraging Kyle to do. Take notes, phone a friend, or just sit back and plugin but you won’t want to miss this episode.

You’ll Learn:

  • [01:39] Kyle, welcome to the show!
  • [02:40] He is looking for some coaching and advice about what he wants to do with his life.
  • [04:31] Kyle talks about his childhood and some of the pivotal things that have occurred in his life.
  • [07:05] How was school for you growing up?
  • [08:26] Kyle speaks about what he did when school got too hard and how he handled it.
  • [09:43] He tells us that in grade 10 he started partying and when he stopped doing homework.
  • [11:16] Did your parents provide structure for you growing up?
  • [12:42] Kyle discusses telling his parents and siblings they need to get tested for ADHD.
  • [15:39] In 10th grade did your grades decline?
  • [16:43] He chats about how marijuana affected his ADHD both the good and the bad.
  • [18:37] Kyle talks about a traumatic event that happened to him this last year.
  • [19:48] Did the realization of your mortality wake you up?
  • [25:56] Kyle says that he wants to go back to school, but the cost of living is so high that he can’t work part-time and survive financially.
  • [27:06] Have you started saving money while you are working?
  • [27:35] Are your parents not able to help you with college? Have you thought about student loans?
  • [28:50] Kyle speaks about not wanting to ask his parents for money to help him.
  • [30:01] How are you with asking for help in general?
  • [31:15] Did your parents go to college? Would you be the first one in your family to get a degree?
  • [32:21] He chats about his extended family.
  • [34:30] He talks to Eric about the homework Eric assigned him to do before the podcast.
  • [36:38] What are your earning prospects at your current job? What is the highest earning potential?
  • [39:34] Kyle tells what his go-to response is too tricky situations?
  • [42:34] He wants to work with people and help them through situations he has been through. They discuss his whycue.
  • [47:00] Eric talks to Kyle about college and how to save money, time, and career choices.
  • [48:45] Kyle tells us he is always trying to find ways to save money.
  • [51:34] What actions do you need to do to make visiting colleges possible?
  • [52:17] They discuss his action plan to make college possible in his future.
  • [57:05] You have been talking about one school, what are the other options?
  • [58:22] What about online courses? Have you ever taken one?
  • [59:35] What are all the helping professions in the area you live in?
  • [1:01:00] Kyle says he has a cousin that has a degree in social work, so Eric says to message her.
  • [1:02:27] Now that you messaged her, how does it feel? Do you feel empowered?
  • [1:04:34] They review the action steps and go through each one to see the objective.
  • [1:07:01] Eric encourages Kyle to take the next step and move forward.
  • [1:09:23] Can you make school your full-time job?
  • [1:10:44] When will you take the following action step and call to set up an appointment with the college?
  • [01:11:34] Eric asks Kyle to contact him later today and let him know what he found out.
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