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ADHD Therapy Autism Aspergers Word CloudI am excited to finally launch my new website.  When I first decided to redesign my website, my goal was to have it done in time for ADHD awareness month in October… of 2012. Well, a year and 2 sites later, I finally found this wonderful website creater and kinda knew right away that this was what I was looking for to rebuild my platform.  My goal is to grow this website into a valuable source for content and provide information about my practice.  I hope to provide you with regular videos, and my big goal for 2014 is to launch a podcast.  

I am writing this post as I am getting ready to launch this site in the next week. In December of 2014, I want to be able to look back and see that this platform has given me another way to connect with others and that I have added value to more people’s lives.  

Update: The website offically went live on 1/22/2014.  Sucess is a direction towards the goal, even if it takes longer to get there than you hoped for.  

Here’s to 2014!  Let’s make it a great year!

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The 16th season of the ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability groups are ending soon.  ArC 17 Summer Sessions run July 11th – Sept. 19th.   We only have 9 spots remaining. Please visit to learn more and sign-up for our Last Scheduled Registration Event on June 11th at 3 PM CT.  You don’t want to miss it!

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