205: Live Q&A January 2018 with Brendan Mahan

205: Live Q&A January 2018 with Brendan Mahan

This Week’s Episode:

This episode is the recording of January’s live Q&A.  These Q&A sessions take place the second Tuesday of every month.  The questions answered in this episode were submitted by listeners of this podcast, both ahead of time and live.  I am joined on this episode by Brendan Mahan.

We cover several different topics on this episode, including questions on prioritization systems, money management, “The Wall of Awful,” and much more.  Because of Brendan’s area of expertise, we also answer a handful of questions on parenting with ADHD and parenting children with ADHD.

You’ll Learn:

  • [06:15] – ADHD Essentials is now available in all of the places you find podcasts.  This podcast is aimed at families that are affected by ADHD.
  • [09:40] – Sara asks about determining the difference between an engaging interest and a lasting passion.
  • [14:50] – Tre asks about prioritization systems. I talk about the idea of block scheduling.
  • [19:39] – We answer a question about the inability to keep going.  Brandon talks about the energy we feel when we start tasks, and then we hit “the wall of awful.”
  • [23:55] – We discuss a question from someone who wants to know what to do if their spouse is not on board.
  • [28:07] – Sharon and her son are newly diagnosed.  She asks for parenting advice for staying on-point.  Brendan shares some of his expertise in this area.
  • [35:53] – Brendan and I do an exercise that demonstrates why multitasking kills productivity.
  • [39:38] – Terry asks for tips on getting to bed on time after meds wear off.  Brendan talks about the importance of not looking at a computer screen after 6pm. He shares several other tips on lighting, food, and hygiene.
  • [47:32] – David comes on live to share that he has had trouble finding a medication that works properly.  We talk about how diet can help manage ADHD symptoms, and I share a few words of caution.
  • [52:34] – A listener asks for advice on ways to focus 1-on-1 attention with children when there are a lot of other things going through your head.  Both Brendan and I can relate to this topic.
  • [59:45] – A student asks about functioning without Adderall.  I share that I would not be where I am without medication.
  • [1:00:20] – Brendan vows to do a webinar on The Wall of Awful.
  • [1:01:17] – A listener asks how to know if symptoms of anxiety stem from ADHD.
  • [1:02:31] – We discuss how “sometimes the ADHD wins” and the idea of forgetting about consistency and focusing on resiliency.
  • [1:03:52] – A listener asks about an ADHD-friendly money management app. I suggest this person hire it out.
  • [1:04:47] – Multitasking comes back up, and Brendan encourages you to single-task.
  • [1:05:42] – Brendan explains that there’s no dopamine in our brains for doing the dishes.

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