371: March Q & A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb, Moira Maybin and MJ Siemens

371: March Q & A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb, Moira Maybin and MJ Siemens

Listen as Eric Tivers with his guests, Brendan Mahan, Will Curb, Moira Maybin, and MJ Siemens, answer questions from the listeners in our monthly Q & A session of ADHD reWired. We are taking questions from you, the listener, about situations you want to talk through. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional; we are here to give you our perspective and see if we can help you find some answers. 

Maria kicks us off with a question about mindset and how to go from the mindset of I’m broken too I’m different to I’m different and how can I use this to my advantage. Nicks wants to know how to navigate serious relationship troubles with a non-ADHD spouse. Jillian shares she messed up a deadline as a freelancer and now wants to apply for a job with the same company but wants to know how to position herself in the best light.

Mark is looking for some tools that will help him interrupt the distractions he has all around him. Rhonda is looking for ways to relate to her eighteen-year-old, who is fighting for independence but hasn’t shown good decision-making skills to this point. She is worried that he wants to follow his girlfriend and go to college four hours away from home, but they can’t afford to support him while he’s gone. Listen as everyone shares their insights and suggestions to ease Rhonda’s mind.

Thank you for listening to this month’s Q & A session. As usual, we cover a wide range of topics, and we provide some creative takeaways no matter what stage you’re in with your diagnosis. Listen in as we discuss your questions and the struggle we still have dealing with our ADHD.

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You’ll learn:

  • [02:10] Welcome to the show, everyone!
  • [03:21] Maria wants to know how to go from the mindset of I’m broken too I’m different to I’m different and how can I use that to my advantage?
  • [06:17] Moira gives her insight to Maria and how she handled the mindset changes.
  • [08:42] Brendan talks about carrying guilt and shame and how it’s not as big as we often make it.
  • [11:07] Eric believes that it’s ok to have regret.
  • [12:28] Will speaks about David and Goliath’s book and how coming up with different solutions can be better than the obvious solutions.
  • [14:32] Nick wants to know how to navigate serious relationship troubles with a non-ADHD spouse?
  • [16:33] Eric believes you should understand what happens when your attachment system gets activated.
  • [17:53] Will says you should work on things when everything is alright and schedule time for it.
  • [20:05] Another listener asks, I messed up my deadline as a freelancer, and now I want to apply for a job at the same place. How do I position myself?
  • [20:54] Moira talks about owning it and lets them know that multiple things were happening.
  • [21:54] Will says stop guessing, talk to the people that you know at the company.
  • [24:18] Jillian speaks about going to Eric’s class because she isn’t consistent with deadlines.
  • [30:38] Mark has a question about being distracted even on his medication and is looking for tools that will interrupt those distractions.
  • [32:27] Eric shares you don’t want to have to try hard to stay focused from a distraction; you want to circumvent the distraction in the first place.
  • [33:01] Moira speaks about what she does to circumvent distractions.
  • [34:12] MJ talks about what she does to minimize distractions.
  • [36:55] Will talks about nutrient-rich boredom and schedule time for distractions.
  • [43:00] Rhonda wants to know how to relate to an eighteen-year-old fighting for independence but hasn’t shown good decision-making skills?
  • [45:48] Brendon shares what he tells the parents he works with about this topic.
  • [47:12] Rhonda gives some background around her questions.
  • [48:21] Eric addresses her questions about nicotine versus medication.
  • [52:04] Rhonda shares her son’s plan to go to school for auto mechanics.
  • [54:36] Eric tells Rhonda that he hears a lot of fear in her voice for her son, but we are all going to screw up.
  • [56:00] MJ wants to know if she has sat down with her son and let him tell her what he wants instead of trying to figure it out for him?
  • [59:42] Rhonda says the worst part of it is that he wants to follow the girl.
  • [1:00:52] Eric says that following the girl could be a really positive thing or a negative thing.
  • [1:04:22] Thank you for all the questions. We will answer more next month.
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