242: Mastermind Session: Communications – Sandra in the Hot Seat 2 of 4

242: Mastermind Session: Communications – Sandra in the Hot Seat 2 of 4

This Week’s Episode:

This episode is part of a four-episode series of mastermind session.  A mastermind group is a concept that comes from the book, Think and Grow Rich.  We have implemented this concept into our ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability groups. Alumni of our coaching groups have the opportunity to work with me as “addmins,” and those members get an entire hour to sit in the hot seat in our mastermind sessions.

This week, Sandra sits in the hot seat.  She explores a topic that a lot of us struggle with and we haven’t really discussed on the podcast.  Sandra feels that she struggles with communication and what she calls “verbal regulation.” In this conversation, you will hear us discuss the issues surrounding communication, and the participants share their experiences and the techniques they employ.

You’ll Learn:

  • [10:21] – Diana was in the hot seat on our last episode, and she committed to scheduling a sleep study.  She shares her progress.
  • [12:44] – Sandra lays the foundation for this discussion.  She would like to talk about what she is calling “verbal regulation.”  
  • [17:06] – Sandra says that neuro-typical people tend to make comments to her on this topic.  
  • [19:04] – Dan asks Sandra about her structure creation skills.  She shares a story about someone comparing her work as something similar to the movie “A Beautiful Mind.”
  • [23:52] – Dan asks a clarifying question about her reactions to compliments.
  • [24:46] – Natalie shares that she had similar situations.  She asks about Sandra’s processing characteristics.
  • [29:02] – Sandra talks about trying to communicate to her co-workers how her brain works without it sounding like an excuse.
  • [30:18] – Diana asks in what types of situations this becomes an issue, and she shares her experience in this area.
  • [34:18] – Diana suggests beta-blockers or alpha-blockers.  
  • [36:20] – Natalie suggests that Sandra talks to her friends about their perceptions of her.
  • [38:28] – We talk about fidgets and the advantage of having a more obvious fidget.
  • [40:23] – We put Sandra’s negative self-talk on trial through role-playing.  
  • [47:19] – I talk with Susan about processing speed and the role it plays in things like communication.
  • [55:05] – Natalie shares that she’s also a slow processor and intelligent person, and she talks about things she does in conversations to help this communication.  
  • [59:22] – Dan explains how he builds trust with people by preparing them for his communication style. He also suggests practicing conversation.
  • [1:01:11] – Sandra finds practicing conversation to be difficult because of other ADHD tendencies. Dan shares how he accomplishes this.
  • [1:03:57] – Sandra talks about a recent course she took on self-observation and self-coaching.  She says that a lot of feedback she got in this discussion reinforces what she learned from that.
  • [1:06:10] – I talk about acceptance being a gift to ourselves and other people.  I also share how slowing my speech has helped me.
  • [1:10:41] – Natalie reminds us that we need to start small.  
  • [1:13:36] – Sandra shares what she would like to learn and improve in the near-future.

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