294: Mastermind Session: Emily in the Hotseat

294: Mastermind Session: Emily in the Hotseat

In this Mastermind Session, we have Emily in the hot seat on the subject of emotional regulation. She tells us that she is not capable of regulating anything when her switch gets flipped. When that happens, she does and says things that could get her injured or put in jail, and that while she is in the moment, she feels very positive she is in the right. 

Are conflict and the feelings it causes a way to self-medicate? They discuss why she levels up to crazy mad so fast and the euphoria she feels afterward. She tells us that she does not repress her emotions. If someone makes her angry, she will let them know in no uncertain terms. Emily gives examples of what she means when she says she is ready to change her perceptions up to a point.

Eric talks to Emily about coming to conflict from a place of love instead of anger. Finding out why the person acted that way instead of assuming they have character has flaws. Try doing something to reset the mind instead of giving in to the anger.

Did you know that the natural fluctuations of hormones both monthly and through different phases of life can increase ADHD? If this gives you pause, and you think, could it be that easy? Please talk to your doctor.

If any of this resonates with you, this is the episode you can’t afford to miss. Listen to this mastermind and see if they can help you come up with the answers you are seeking. If not, answers maybe ideas of where to search next. Sit back, relax, and push play.

You’ll Learn:

  • [01:33] Welcome to the show Emily, Roxy, Aggie, and Will.
  • [02:03] Emily tells us a little about why she is here.
  • [07:14] She tells us that she is ready to change her perceptions of situations up to a point.
  • [08:09] They discuss whether a conflict is a way for her to self-medicate.
  • [11:51] Have you had any negative fallout from your actions?
  • [12:52] She is being controlled by the anger that consumes her.
  • [14:07] Emily tells us she does not repress her emotions. If she gets mad at something someone does, she lets them know.
  • [16:35] She tells us what she means by changing her perceptions up to a point.
  • [18:01] They talk about her being impulsive and that it is a part of ADHD.
  • [19:41] When your switch gets flipped, where do you feel it? Temples? Chest?
  • [21:49] Eric encourages her to reenact and do role play so she can learn to handle her feelings.
  • [26:10] They discuss her personality and how great it would be if she could react in a loving matter instead of anger.
  • [33:27] She is encouraged to leave when she feels like she is going to explode, go to an empty room or her car.
  • [36:04] Eric talks about her brain being hijacked.
  • [38:58] Are you open to discussing new medications? Please speak to your prescribing physician.
  • [44:11] Have you ever taken an anger management class? Would you?
  • [44:59] Anger can be a secondary emotion, and fear could be the primary emotion.
  • [45:23] Progesterone levels can affect your ADHD medication.
  • [48:10] Hormone levels change monthly and can affect the effectiveness of your meds.
  • [50:29] Eric talks about the vagus nerve that can be used to reset your reactions.
  • [52:39] Emily speaks about the commitments she wants to make from what’s been discussed today.
  • [54:33] Thank you, Emily, for sharing today and keep working on it.
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  • [58:45] Not sure where to start Eric, give us some titles of books that can help.

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