350: Mastermind Session: Moira in The Hot Seat Part 1

350: Mastermind Session: Moira in The Hot Seat Part 1

“I have always gravitated to children with ADHD, and I couldn’t understand why other adults couldn’t understand them. I thought I was an Empath; turns out I was just one of them.” Listen to this first mastermind episode for our Addmin from our 21st season. Today we have Roxie, Jessica, Natalie with Moira in the hot seat with questions about rethinking her professional world and much more on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Moira discusses changing how she works and focusing more on helping women with ADHD as opposed to working with women. Moira talks about coaching, heading groups, speaking, and possibly doing a podcast focusing on women with ADHD, but her narrow focus would be on moms with ADHD.

Natalie and Jessica share their insights into what they are hearing and ask some thought-provoking questions. Eric discusses wanting to grow ADHD reWired to more than just himself and centered around community and asked Moira what platform she would pick to get her message across and about the logistics of making it work financially.

There is much more to this conversation, so part 2 will be in your feed tomorrow.  

You’ll learn:

  • [03:21] Eric has the mastermind voices share who they are and when they started as Addmin.
  • [05:10] Moira shares an overview of what it is she wants to mastermind.
  • [07:13] Roxie, Natalie, and Jessica ask Moira more questions for clarification.
  • [08:40] Moira describes what she means by a dimmer switch.
  • [11:13] If you change the context of work, how is everything else going to change?
  • [13:57] Eric describes how he sees hyper-focus.
  • [15:40] Moira wants to reconcile her direction.
  • [18:05] Roxie wants to know what she wants to focus on.
  • [25:32] Moira says that if she could do what she wants to do, it would be to coach and have a bigger voice.
  • [27:38] If you could work on ADHD reWired, what would you want to do?
  • [30:34] Moira would want her narrow focus to be moms with ADHD.
  • [32:29] Natalie shares her thoughts.
  • [35:13] Eric discusses niches and your avatar.
  • [38:13] Moira speaks about putting herself out there to help people and the value it brings.
  • [40:43] Jessica shares her insights on what Moira is looking for.
  • [41:26] Jessica asks what fears and roadblocks are holding Moira back.
  • [44:03] If you were doing something you wanted to do, would you be able to keep yourself to part-time hours?
  • [48:22] Listen as they discuss the logistics Moira needs to figure out to quit her teaching job.
  • [51:23] She needs to have something that grows and changes, so she doesn’t get bored.
  • [53:40] Eric wants to grow ADHD reWired to be more than just him centered around a community.
  • [55:23] If you were to pick a platform to get your voice out there, what would it be?
  • [58:50] Tomorrow, on your podcast feed, you will see part 2 of this conversation.
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