335: Mastermind Session – Overcoming Morning Impotence With Blake

335: Mastermind Session – Overcoming Morning Impotence With Blake

“Is stress a big factor in your life? Listen as your host, Eric, and his guests Jessica, Natalie, Erica with Blake in the hot seat, discuss Blake’s issue of getting himself going to start his day. He shares that it takes hours for him to function enough to start work, and he is looking for solutions so he can get more out of his day on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Blake summarizes the issues he is having with getting started in the mornings. Eric believes that Blake needs a sleep study, and Jessica shares some ideas that might help. Blake shares that he sometimes gets anxiety when he sleeps, and Erica shares some facts about adenosine and sleep pressure.

Natalie talks about how Blake’s situation sounds like what she went through, and Eric shares that once he started eating protein shakes for breakfast and cut back the carbohydrates, he stopped having the same issues. Jessica speaks about a book that turned her life around called The Power of When.

They also discuss the fact that Blake plays video games for an hour to an hour and a half every morning. Eric shares that when you consume instead of generating output you don’t get your brain activated, and he suggests walking first thing in the morning instead of the video games

Does any of this resonate with you? If it does, this is a mastermind episode that you don’t want to miss. Eric, Jessica, Erica, and Natalie give Blake some expert advice, tips, and tricks to get his morning started so that the rest of the day can be as productive as he needs it to be.

You’ll learn:

  • [01:17] Welcome to the show, everyone!
  • [03:14] Blake summarizes the issue he is bringing to the group.
  • [06:10] Blake shares what his average morning looks like.
  • [07:15] Eric asks some questions for clarification.
  • [10:01] Eric says the first thing Blake needs is a sleep study.
  • [10:40] Jessica asks Blake to expand on his bedtime routine.
  • [12:25] Jessica shares a few ideas she has that might help him.
  • [14:39] She discusses having hypoglycemia but thought it was a panic attack.
  • [16:23] Erica asks Blake some additional questions around anxiety.
  • [19:33] Erica speaks about adenosine and sleep pressure.
  • [26:15] Eric talks about sweating, exercising, and if Blake is getting his heart rate up to 150 or 160.
  • [28:26] Natalie discusses how Blake’s situation sounds like the situation she was in a few years ago.
  • [31:49] Eric speaks about having the same issue as Blake, and as he stopped eating carbs, it stopped.
  • [34:49] Jessica shares a book called The Power of When and how it helped her.
  • [36:55] Erica asks some additional questions about Blake.
  • [38:01] How long do you play video games in the morning?
  • [38:48] Eric says that Blake is consuming instead of generating output.
  • [41:31] Blake shares why he was late to the smartphone party.
  • [47:13] Eric believes that Blake needs to have exercise be his morning routine and do it before his brain can talk him out of it.
  • [48:43] Jessica suggests that Blake move his video game system away from his couch and put his walking shoes on the couch to change the loop.
  • [51:40] They discuss Blake’s fitness program for the Wei.
  • [54:19] Eric speaks about what he did during COVID to get his heart rate up.
  • [55:49] Blake, has this conversation helped you?
  • [59:21] Thank all of you for being on the show!
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