346: Mastermind Session – Routines with Jessica

346: Mastermind Session – Routines with Jessica

Does your brain make things more difficult than they need to be? Listen to this mastermind episode with Eric, Natalie, Blake, Erika with Jessica in the hot seat. Jessica has difficulties juggling the important things in her life. She needs help with making a routine around exercise and meditation without being overly detailed about it, and much more on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Jessica discusses her OCD and that she would like to be able to implement a routine without going overboard with details. She shares that she is using project management software, and it’s helping as long as she has everything synced and can see what needs to get done, but she hasn’t been putting exercise and meditation on her calendar.

Eric shares ways that Jessica can exercise with her injured foot and have everything ready to take outside, so no distractions are pulling her away from exercising. Blake, Natalie, and Erika give their insights into ways to transition from the house to the pool and back to the house easier so that Jessica isn’t pulled away to another task.

Routines are difficult to build, and they take time, but if you slowly begin doing the same thing every day, you will gradually build a routine one brick at a time. They also discuss Jessica’s hypervigilance, how she notices when she is being sucked into it, and how to get out of it once she is in it.

If you can relate to what Jessica is going through, you don’t want to miss this discussion.

You’ll learn:

  • [02:31] Jessica shares what she needs the mastermind’s support for today.
  • [04:28] She wants some way to implement a routine without being overly detailed about it.
  • [05:41] When you are getting into the OCD mode, do you see yourself getting sucked in?
  • [07:26] Jessica used project management software that allows her to see what needs to be done.
  • [09:07] She has an injury that doesn’t allow her to exercise the way she wants to.
  • [12:00] Eric and Jessica discuss ways that she can exercise in her pool.
  • [14:54] Eric speaks to Jessica about making things easier by having everything ready, so there are no distractions when going to exercise.
  • [22:08] Put swimming on the calendar and making things as easy as possible is the first domino Jessica is trying to put into place.
  • [22:25] Taking a shower is the second domino.
  • [24:44] What are your hardest transitions?
  • [26:47] Natalie gives some suggestions about making the pool transition easier.
  • [29:07] Natalie speaks about making sure what she is carrying isn’t too heavy.
  • [31:41] Blake gives his insights into Jessica writing down her routines.
  • [34:05] Erika discusses changing routines and how difficult they are for Jessica.
  • [36:48] Jessica gives the energy pull that keeps her from her routines a name.
  • [37:58] Routines are built like the bricks of a building, one brick at a time.
  • [41:55] How sensitive are you to your environment?
  • [42:50] Erika discusses how perfect Jessica is for her business.
  • [45:03] Jessica talks about her meditation room being upstairs now, instead of being downstairs like it usually is and why.
  • [48:00] Blake asks Jessica a question about putting down a sword.
  • [50:49] Erika shares her insights into what Jessica is talking about.
  • [53:58] Are you stuck in a state of hypervigilance?
  • [56:22] Eric wants to know how to make Jessica aware of her hypervigilance.
  • [59:14] Jessica talks about the feeling she gets before she gets into her zone of brilliance.
  • [1:02:01] How do you complicate simplicity?
  • [1:03:11] Jessica speaks about what she is taking away from this discussion.
  • [1:05:50] Thank you all for being on the show!
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