302: Mastermind Session with Will Curb: Deciding What To Offer

302: Mastermind Session with Will Curb: Deciding What To Offer

Welcome to the second mastermind session of ADHD reWired. Will Curb is in the hot seat this episode discussing his podcast with Roxy, Tina, Aggie, and of course, Eric. A mastermind session is where we have one person bring a topic that they want some help with, and everyone in the group will give their insight to help them with that particular topic.

The group today will discuss Will’s question of where he should be, how he can figure out his trajectory for 2020. He is thinking that just having the podcast isn’t enough. He feels like he could do more to monetize the podcast, but he doesn’t want it to appear like he is in this only for the money. Do people appreciate a service more if they spend money on it? This is Will’s conundrum.

What can I do to grow the podcast in 2020? Eric and the mastermind group talk about how great the podcast is and share their ideas on how Will can do this and let him know that the podcast is doing great. They discuss the reviews on the podcast and relay how much people are relying on what he says about ADHD to help them with their diagnosis. They also chat about doing a content calendar for all the topics that Will wants to use for his podcasts in the new year.

This mastermind episode is all about helping Will to see ways to grow his listeners and grow the content of his podcast. Listen in as the group gives him valuable advice, fantastic ideas, and offers to help him in any way they can. If you have never listened to Will’s podcast the link is below, if you are a fan, please let him know what you would like to hear about in the coming year.


Hacking Your ADHD with William Curb

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:19] Welcome to the second mastermind episode.
  • [03:35] Will describes what he is wanting help with.
  • [06:15] Eric chats about head junk around money.
  • [07:41] How would you figure out if people would pay for your service?
  • [08:32] They open the floor to the mastermind for their response.
  • [09:28] How do you self assess what you have done so far?
  • [12:20] Eric says he should get a group to listen to his podcast and let him know how good it is.
  • [13:34] Are you getting reviews on your podcast?
  • [16:51] Eric pulled up Will’s podcast to read the to help Will.
  • [19:10] Will are you enjoying creating the podcast?
  • [20:23] Will speaks about the numbers related to his podcast and how many downloads he gets per week.
  • [22:42] Aggie gives her input to Will about what he is doing.
  • [25:01] Will wants to know how he can grow the podcast in 2020.
  • [25:08] Eric gives his ideas on how to improve Will’s podcast.
  • [27:02] They discuss the tools that some people need to manage their ADHD.
  • [29:23] Do you have a way for people to call in or questions they may have?
  • [31:34] They speak about Will’s dry sense of humor and how great that is.
  • [33:13] What would it look like to have a tutorial about the tools and would you want to collaborate?
  • [34:37] a content calendar, it will help you coordinate your topics for the year.
  • [36:44] Will talks about a calendar tool and how to effectively put things into it.
  • [38:38] Do you think people are looking for how to use the tool? Maybe do an episode on the tool you use then have other people talk about the one they use.
  • [41:34] What tools are you going to use to create the content for this?
  • [44:15] One of Will’s goals this past year was to finish all of the courses he signed up for.
  • [47:37] Are there questions you are afraid to ask around technology?
  • [51:30] Managing your systems is a topic Will wants to explore.
  • [53:00] Eric thinks the should get into neuroscience like talking about dopamine and ADHD.
  • [54:15] If you keep your focus very narrow, you will have the most credibility.
  • [58:07] They discuss the next action steps for Will to take.
  • [1:01:18] Eric gives him audio hacks.
  • [1:02:13] Planning a project is the first step.
  • [1:02:47] Tina thinks that Patreon is the best voting system Will can use.
  • [1:03:41] What things do you the listeners want to hear? What do you yell at the speakers?
  • [1:05:38] If you’re a regular listener, consider becoming a patron and on our Patreon at

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