273: Mastermind Sessions- A new ADHD podcast with Will Curb

273: Mastermind Sessions- A new ADHD podcast with Will Curb

Today we are sitting in an ADHD mastermind session, where our group will ask Will Curb questions about different aspects of ADHD, how Will moves through and deals with certain obstacles. You can check out our panel guests on previous episodes of ADHD rewired.

We talk about the value of information, how to create habits after learning executive functioning skills, what ARC can do for you. Will talks about why he likes being an admin in the coaching group. Will’s mom recently passed away and we talk about how he is dealing with his grief and the steps he is taking to move through this emotional time. He talks about his podcast and his current and future plans.

Your Resources
The One Thing Book | How you can make a difference on outcomes

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:15] Will shares the mastermind schedule, starting with ARC.
  • [05:30] The why behind this type of learning.
  • [08:49] Marisol’s question for Will. Does Will want to keep his podcast a set number of episodes?
  • [12:12] Why sponsorship is difficult to do with ADHD podcast.
  • [13:10] Cary asks Will about his five Whys.
  • [19:03] Why Will feels validation is important.
  • [21:00] Carl suggests setting monetary goals.
  • [26:23] What kind of subject trees can Will create for his podcasts?
  • [29:32] Marisol asks how Will plans to keep up his interest throughout keeping up his podcasts, especially without immediate feedback.
  • [33:32] Carl suggests using his podcast as an open forum for creating a course on social media.
  • [37:49] Will called himself the “fraud police” and how covering everything isn’t a good idea.
  • [41:07] Eric asks Will to shoot him questions point blank.
  • [45:41] What subjects and ideas are important to an ADHD podcasting community.
  • [48:38] Do the podcast you would want to hear and be yourself.
  • [49:41] What charity would Will donate to if he could have used funding to give back to the community.
  • [51:55] Do you think your podcast would be able to extend the ADHD brand?
  • [56:30] What to do when someone in your classroom knows more than you do.
  • [57:13] Potential names for Will’s podcast

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