301: Mastermind: Tena Getting Emotionally Derailed

301: Mastermind: Tena Getting Emotionally Derailed

This episode of ADHD reWired is one of two mastermind sessions that will be released this month. Tena is in the hot seat this episode talking about emotional dysregulation with Roxy, Will, Aggie, and of course, Eric. A mastermind session is where we take a topic or issue that someone is having a problem with and do a deep dive into it to help the person find clarity.

Tena discusses how emotional dysregulation has affected her life. The group speaks about what triggers to look for and how being dehydrated can affect your behavior. Tena and Eric both talk about when they were diagnosed with ADHD, how it changed their lives, what they are doing today to manage it, and how self-compassion is critical when you have ADHD.

They all give their thoughts to Tena around what she can do to help herself at work, what software programs can be beneficial, and her need for a team to see what she misses. Tena goes on to discuss where her issues show up other than when she is at work and what they think would help her cope with it better.

Listen in as they have an informative discussion about triggers that create emotional dysregulation, issues surrounding self-care, self-management, drinking more water, and adding exercise. The mastermind panel gives Tena ideas and tools to manage the problems she is having, that you can’t control ADHD with logic, and she needs to ask for help sometimes to manage it.

If you have issues with emotional dysregulation or want to know what it means, this is the episode for you. This mastermind team brings a lot of knowledge, ideas, and insight into this issue, and it’s all to help you. If any of this resonates with you, don’t miss this episode.

You’ll Learn:

  • [03:52] Welcome to this mastermind episode.
  • [04:18] Tena discusses what her emotional dysregulation issue is.
  • [06:18] She tells us that she isn’t processing tasks out far enough, and when she isn’t prepared, she gets furious.
  • [08:00] Eric tries to get to the bottom of why her emotional dysregulation takes over at times.
  • [08:43] Will asks her if she drinks enough water.
  • [11:29] What does ADHD acceptance look like for you?
  • [12:34] You have been managing your ADHD for how long? What does that look like?
  • [14:38] Eric talks about his ADHD diagnosis and how he’s trying to manage it.
  • [16:26] Tena speaks about being able to have self-compassion around parenting.
  • [17:06] Aggie gives her perspective on the issues Tena is having.
  • [18:45] Roxie chats with her insights also and examples of what Tena can do.
  • [20:09] When you were in real estate did you have a team that helped you? Maybe you need a team now in this business you have.
  • [21:37] What is the background around when your emotional dysregulation? 
  • [23:18] Will talks about being upset when he isn’t prepared for something that is happening and gets mad.
  • [26:37] Tena says she needs an inventory system because she doesn’t have one, and maybe that would help her down the road.
  • [29:01] They all give Tena some idea of software tools she can use to help her in her company.
  • [32:50] Tena where else does this show up beside at work?
  • [33:21] They discuss her organizational skills and expectations of others.
  • [34:52] She says she doesn’t know where to start most of the time.
  • [36:52] How often do you have a specific repeated mistake?
  • [38:35] Is there a particular time of day that you usually lose your cool?
  • [40:36] Tena speaks about her retirement project that has turned into a successful business.
  • [42:21] Where are you compared to most eBay sellers? Do you get ranked?
  • [44:38] Tena says she does not currently exercise because it is such a struggle.
  • [45:28] Excercise is part of emotional self-management.
  • [48:18] Eric thinks that Tena should have a YouTube channel to offset the costs of hiring people to help her.
  • [50:31] Fascination attracts people.
  • [54:25] Will speaks about a dirty pan and cookie sheet that ruined his day. You can’t control the ADHD beast with logic.
  • [56:51] Tena, what do you see yourself doing to try to manage this?
  • [57:33] When you feel the emotions rising, do something physical, it can help.
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