379: May Q & A with Moira Maybin and MJ Siemens, Brendan Mahan and Will Curb, and Barb

379: May Q & A with Moira Maybin and MJ Siemens, Brendan Mahan and Will Curb, and Barb

In this episode, Eric Tivers and his guests, Brendan Mahan, Moira Maybin, MJ Siemens, Will Curb, and Barb answer listener questions in our May Q & A session of ADHD reWired. We’re taking questions from you about situations you want to discuss. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional. We’re here to offer our knowledge and perspectives to help you find the answers you seek.

Susan starts off the show with a question about her two ADHD children. She wants to know what the panel thinks about using functional psychiatry and nutrition to address ADHD symptoms. Winston asks about how to deal with his struggle with text messaging–sending them and responding to them in a timely manner, especially if they’re group texts. Jane is curious to know if any link exists between ADHD and body temperature control. 

What are school systems doing regarding social-emotional learning for the fall when kids and staff will be in the same building for the first time in a while? Questioner Rich wants to ensure the best possibility for the upcoming school season to go as smoothly as possible for everyone. Les wants advice about anxiety, decision paralysis, and making the most efficient use of free time. Then the panel answers a question about the importance of healthy habits with sleep, movement, and nutrition.

Marks wants to know how to loosely follow a GTD methodology while dealing with overwhelm by closing as many loops as possible. Diana has an action-oriented question for those who feel frantic about their list of priorities. Another listener wants advice for her ADHD-inattentive daughter on going to school for a future career in psychiatry. And the last somewhat related question from Sandra inquires about any professions where ADHD people tend to find success.

Thank you for listening to the Q & A session this month. We cover a wide variety of topics and provide some creative takeaways no matter what stage you’re in with your diagnosis. Listen in as we discuss your questions and the struggle we all still have dealing with ADHD.

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You’ll learn:

  • [02:08] Susan asks the first question.
  • [02:57] Eric gives a caveat about natural approaches to health and treatment.
  • [04:32] People respond differently to food, but crappy food leads to crappy feelings while good food makes you feel better.
  • [05:30] Exercise is the best non-medicated tool for ADHD.
  • [06:00] Moira addresses functional health and how it differs from holistic health.
  • [07:50] Susan’s daughter hasn’t responded well to stimulant medications.
  • [09:13] Winston has a question about texting which he struggles with.
  • [12:00] Brendan realizes he forgot to respond to a text recently and shares how he prioritizes his messages.
  • [13:09] If you’re worried about your tone while texting, Brendan shares a funny tip to alleviate your concern.
  • [13:50] On the iPhone, you can pin text messages that you haven’t responded to. Eric shares how and offers another great way to respond.
  • [16:48] MJ quickly talks about how she handles questions asked of her via text.
  • [17:23] Eric realizes he hasn’t yet introduced the panel so does so now.
  • [18:52] Barb reads a question from Jane about any link between ADHD and controlling body temperature.
  • [19:44] MJ can’t seem to get her body into a comfortable temperature zone.
  • [20:48] Moira has struggled with body temperature due to her thyroid disease and perimenopausal hormone changes.
  • [22:17] Body temperature is a huge issue for many people during sleep.
  • [32:14] After a long hiatus thanks to COVID, Rich wants to know what the landscape will look like for the students and staff returning to school.
  • [33:29] Brendan answers part of Rich’s question by sharing what he’s seen and heard.
  • [35:50] Teacher burnout is real. Their pay scale needs to be adjusted upward; otherwise, many will walk.
  • [37:31] Getting on his soapbox for a minute, Eric expresses appreciation for what teachers have had to endure over the last year.
  • [38:51] Barb reads a question from Les about advice on structuring free time.
  • [39:37] Why is scheduling your free time activities not as restrictive as it sounds?
  • [40:10] More than doing fun things,the anticipation of fun things will increase your enjoyment of them.
  • [42:29] Even if you enjoy the work you do, your brain still needs to take breaks from it.
  • [45:29] How important is it to establish healthy habits like cutting down on sugar, developing a good sleep routine, and physical activity?
  • [52:29] Mark has a question about loosely following the GTD method.
  • [53:13] Not all open loops need to be completed but some need to be dismissed.
  • [54:37] When you know what you must do next and have a good list of priorities but feel frantic and overloaded, how do you get yourself to take action?
  • [57:13] Eric believes that once you’ve had your top 3 priorities for the day, you have to earn the right to do anything else.
  • [59:13] A listener has a daughter interested in becoming a psychiatrist but thinks going to med school would take too long and be too stressful.
  • [01:00:50] Can you choose a career close to what you want but without a huge time and money commitment?
  • [01:02:46] Sandra asks in what professions do people with ADHD tend to excel?
  • [01:03:52] If you want to be a creative entrepreneur, just realize that you’re going into a business, not just your craft.
  • [01:04:38] Barb discusses the need to consider the structure you want in your chosen career.
  • [01:05:58] You’ve learned stuff and have a skill stack if you’ve bounced around from job to job. Take advantage of it.
  • [01:07:01] Will quickly tells us his latest dad joke!
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