311: Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Grit, Is It ADHD?

311: Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Grit, Is It ADHD?

Do suspect you have ADHD, but you don’t know for sure because you have to wait months for your diagnosis? That is precisely what Eric’s guest Angela is waiting on. Listen as Eric and Angela discuss the challenges she is facing trying to cope with this while balancing school, work, and family life while also dealing with Migraines and Fibromyalgia.

Angela shares how watching the way her son acted gave her flashbacks to herself at that age and was the catalyst that made her look into ADHD as a cause. She also speaks about having migraines most of her life and how her parents’ mistrust of doctors made it challenging to find a medicine that would help. Angela describes what she goes through when she wakes up with a migraine and what steps she has to take to make sure she can function with her busy schedule.

When you went to college, did you know what you wanted to do, or did you change majors multiple times? Listen as Angela shares her journey through college to finally determining that psychology is where her heart is. She also discusses her Fibromyalgia diagnosis, her pregnancies, going back to school to get her graduate degree, and why she won’t stop until she achieves it. Angela speaks about how important it is to her to learn all she can about ADHD, so if the diagnosis is definite, she will know what to do and how to help her son.

Angela is a very strong, determined woman and even though she has faced adversity her whole academic career she has never let go of the to finish what she started. Her strength and determination are to be celebrated, and maybe listening to her will push you forward to finishing something you didn’t think you could do. 

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:44] Angela, welcome to the show!
  • [03:40] Angela shares that she has been waiting since October for the evaluation to diagnose ADHD.
  • [04:27] What triggered the thought that you might have ADHD?
  • [07:02] Angels speak about her family not really believing in doctors and dealing with migraines without proper treatment.
  • [09:04] Angela chats about her sensor sensitivity and how it can sometimes be overwhelming.
  • [11:20] Angela describes how it feels when she wakes up with a migraine.
  • [13:09] How do you get up every day knowing that one of these episodes can knock your whole day off-kilter?
  • [15:58] Angela shares why she has her drive and grit to succeed and doesn’t let anything stop her.
  • [18:00] Angela chats about being able to sing opera and what caused her to lose the joy of singing.
  • [20:30] She speaks about how hard the decision was to quit singing.
  • [22:50] Angela says that singing didn’t fulfill her, and she felt like she was preparing to make other people happy when she didn’t care about it at all.
  • [26:43] Angela describes all the different majors she chose at the University of Oregon.
  • [29:15] Angela shares what made her get into psychology.
  • [32:44] How long has it taken you to get through the undergrad years in college?
  • [35:00] Angela speaks about her grades and having incompletes which kept her from graduating in 2010.
  • [36:54] She started taking pre-reqs for nursing in 2014 while pregnant.
  • [37:41] How was your pregnancy with all of your sensory sensitivities?
  • [40:34] Angela shares that two years after her son was born she went back to the University of Oregon for psychology and has almost finished her degree.
  • [43:01] Being a stay at home mom left her feeling unfulfilled because she had things she wanted to do.
  • [44:43] Angela shares when she was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.
  • [46:31] Angela describes what having Fibromyalgia feels like.
  • [53:00] What was the tipping point that made you want to seek out an ADHD diagnosis?
  • [55:14] Angela says that her life has a bunch of pieces like a messy puzzle.
  • [57:55] Angela shares her job as a project coordinator for a neuroscience experience, and how much time it takes.
  • [59:13] Angela started reading about ADHD and it resonated with her.
  • [1:00:19] How has the experience been for you as you learn more about ADHD?
  • [1:03:03] Angela speaks about the struggle she faces going back to school for her graduate degree.
  • [1:04:52] Angela shares that she let her professor know the issues she was having and her waiting on the ADHD diagnosis and his lack of response.
  • [1:07:10] They discuss how nervous she was to come on the podcast and talk about her possible ADHD diagnosis.
  • [1:10:10] Eric acknowledges Angela’s grit and tenacity to keep going to school even though it has taken many years.
  • [1:12:36] Are you someone who appreciates harmony and beauty? Someone who resolves issues?
  • [1:13:09] Angela, thank you for sharing so much with us!
  • [1:15:20] Eric believes that everyone should make their mess their message.
  • [1:16:46] Angela, do you have anything else you want to share with the listeners?
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