Mind Wandering Syndrome???

This past weekend, I was momentarily distracted by the jar of hot cocoa, which I was about to begin making, until my wife lovingly asked me what I was doing. I paused, then laughed, realizing that I did not get up to make cocoa but to turn down the lights as we were about to begin watching our latest DVR’d episode of Parenthood. (C’mon, like it’s never happened to you before?) It was then, that I turned to my wife and said, “You know, I think it would be more accurate to call ADHD inattentive type, Mind Wandering Syndrome,” I think when you really think about how your think, (meta-cognition) or as one of my clients recently called it, meta-attention – thinking about what you are paying attention to, it becomes possible to recognize where the intended action fell offline (working memory) and how the unintended action began.

By discovering where the mind wandered, you have also discovered the point of performance. The place and time when performing the intended action matter.

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