373: Mindfulness for ADHD with Lidia Zylowska

373: Mindfulness for ADHD with Lidia Zylowska

“Make mindfulness your own, find tools, whether it’s apps or books that resonate with you, and be empowered in the process.” Listen as your host, Eric Tivers, and his guest Lidia Zylowska discuss the definition of mindfulness and the benefits of daily mindfulness meditation, plus much more on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Lidia is an Associate Professor at the University of Minnesota Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and a faculty member at the University of Minnesota Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing. She is an internationally recognized expert in adult ADHD and mindfulness-based therapies. Her research work pioneered the application of mindfulness in ADHD, developed the Mindful Awareness Practices for the ADHD program, and helped Co-Found the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center.

Listen as Lidia discusses how she integrates playfulness and curiosity into her teaching, some practical strategies on meditating in a mindful way, and explaining how to do short practice meditation. Lidia also talks about the five senses’ practice and how easy it is to do a mindful eating practice at lunch. Eric believes that focusing on sensory channels is a helpful framework for mindfulness, so thinking about that first cup of coffee in the morning or how you are eating your lunch can be helpful.

Lidia speaks about trauma and the connection between early trauma and the risk of ADHD. The mindful approach to trauma is trying to help the person connect to their feelings safely. She says to remember that feeling feelings will not kill you. Lidia also discusses a couple of things that can help you cope with emotional regulation when feelings come on strongly. Lidia believes that it’s all about mindful playing, and there is not just one way to do it.

You’ll learn:

  • [02:59] Welcome to the show, Lidia!
  • [05:58] Lidia shares her definition of mindfulness, which is paying attention to the present moment non-judgementally.
  • [07:32] Mindfulness is an attention awareness and attitude shift.
  • [09:28] How much of the work that you do teaches playfulness and curiosity?
  • [12:00] Lidia discusses the fascinating things she has learned over the years while doing her research.
  • [15:06] Eric shares the benefits he gets from mindfulness meditation.
  • [16:13] What are more of the day-to-day practical benefits of mindfulness meditation?
  • [23:30] Lidia continues sharing the benefits of mindfulness meditation.
  • [28:17] Lidia says that it’s not easy for you if you are not already doing it.
  • [30:48] Can you give us some practical strategies on how to meditate in a mindful way?
  • [32:50] Lidia explains how to do short practice meditation.
  • [34:58] Lidia shares the five senses practice by doing a mindful eating practice at lunch.
  • [37:49] Eric believes that focusing on sensory channels is a helpful framework for mindfulness.
  • [46:56] Listen as Lidia discusses trauma and the connection between early trauma and the risk for ADHD.
  • [48:40] The mindfulness approach to trauma is trying to help the person safely connect to their feelings.
  • [51:42] “Feeling feelings will not kill you.”
  • [52:45] What are one or two things someone can do to help them cope with emotional self-regulation?
  • [55:51] Ask yourself what would happen if you just sat with your feelings for a moment?
  • [57:41] Eric shares one of his favorite mindfulness exercises.
  • [1:01:26] Mindful playing is really what it’s all about, and there is no one way to do it.
  • [1:04:37] Lidia shares some final thoughts with the listeners.
  • [1:05:27] Thank you so much for being on the show!
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