383: Neurodivergence Runs in the Family

383: Neurodivergence Runs in the Family

If this is the first time you’ve ever listened to this podcast, today’s episode features a different type of interview than Eric usually has on the show. If you have kids, this is a great one to get them to listen to (or listen to with them) as well.

For long-time listeners, you’ve heard Eric mention his son on the podcast before. Well, guess what? His son is here today as dad’s very special guest! Listen as your host Eric Tivers and his son discuss his perspective on having ADHD (among other things) and its effect on him during this endearing and humor-filled episode of ADHD reWired.

Eric’s son is not just his favorite child interviewee on the podcast; he’s also the first child to be interviewed on the show. Eric asks his 9-year-old questions like: What does it feel like afterward when you do something, and you’re not sure why you did it? When is he likely to get distracted? As someone with both autism and ADHD, is he a big picture or small details kind of kid? Have other kids called him names at school? How does he view his giftedness, and how does it feel when something doesn’t come easily to him? What does he want to say to kids like him listening to the show?

In this episode, you’ll also hear them talk about a tendency towards impulsiveness, a love for reading and math (including the Fibonacci sequence even at a mere six years old), and the different ADHD traits his son possesses. The 9-year-old even gets to take over the position of podcast host, interview his dad, and humorously offer his own tips towards the end of the show.

Get ready for spontaneous special effects, singing, sidetracking, and then some. ADHD adults and their ADHD kids will get a kick out of sharing this listening experience together!

You’ll learn:

  • [01:52] Eric’s son says hello!
  • [02:59] Listen to an explanation of neurodiversity from the perspective of a 9-year-old boy.
  • [04:15] How does ADHD affect Eric’s son?
  • [05:48] Eric’s son reveals his favorite thing to do to dad.
  • [08:11] Eric shares an interesting tidbit about his son that’s always fascinated him.
  • [09:35] Eric’s son loves to read! What book series is he reading right now?
  • [11:40] When Eric read fiction as a kid, he had a hard time with this regarding characters.
  • [13:32] Eric’s son shares a “time flies” joke before the break.
  • [21:54] Before resuming the interview, Eric’s son gives a humorous plug for the podcast.
  • [23:55] Eric’s son has been working on improving this social skill at school. How’s it going?
  • [24:43] Despite not having autism himself, Eric still has trouble with this.
  • [25:40] How does Eric’s son think other kids perceive him? He’s been waiting to hear someone call him this.
  • [27:07] Listen as Eric’s son reveals what he thinks about his own giftedness.
  • [29:37] Eric and his son discuss handling things that don’t come easily.
  • [30:44] After a near-slip up transitioning to a new subject, Eric asks his son to define and opine on the word “transgender.”
  • [31:02] The tables turn and Eric is now the one getting asked questions.
  • [32:14] In answer to his son’s question, Eric discusses why he started this podcast.
  • [34:52] We interrupt Eric’s answer for a spooky sound effect request complete with spooky laughter.
  • [36:47] Eric cringes a little when he listens to his first 20 or so episodes. Here’s what that tells him, though.
  • [42:13] Eric’s son tries his hand at saying “ADHD reWired” like dad.
  • [43:52] In this special part of the episode, Eric’s son playfully offers his tips for those with ADHD.
  • [45:48] When getting distracted while readying for school, here’s what Eric and his son say to get back on track.
  • [48:31] Eric’s son signs off with a quick song about coronavirus.
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