328: No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

328: No Matter Where You Go, There You Are

Eric’s guest Jeremy is a forty-six-year-old freshman at Marshall University. His path back to school and most of his life has been anything but typical. He got into a lot of trouble but was lucky enough to have people in his life that helped him from one extreme to another along the way. Listen, as Jeremy tells his story on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Jeremy shares the behavioral issues he had as a child but was still the kid that everyone liked in high school. He discusses getting married right out of high school to his pregnant girlfriend and quitting college to do the right thing. The relationship didn’t last, and after trying to go back to school, he quit, and the challenges kept coming.

Listen, as Jeremy shares the poor choices he made along the way with relationships. He speaks about choosing homelessness, about losing his dad, and going to jail. Jeremy met a woman that wanted to help and got the process started in jail, and once he was released. He speaks about getting diagnosed with ADHD and medicated finally a few months ago, and he finally feels like he is on his intended journey.

Jeremy is on the path of improvement and is getting an engineering degree. His journey back to school was a long one, but now he has the tools to help him succeed. Do you resonate with Jeremy’s story? If you do, this is an episode that you need to hear and share.

You’ll learn:

  • [02:37] Welcome to the show, Jeremy!
  • [03:36] Jeremy shares what life was like when he was a kid.
  • [05:08] He speaks about his mom and the medication she was on while pregnant with him.
  • [05:56] What were you like in high school?
  • [08:26] Jeremy shares his life after high school and what happened in his life.
  • [11:18] He speaks about not going to school because he wanted to do the right thing for his child.
  • [15:33] Do you feel you tried to do the right thing, but when you tried to do that, everything got blown up?
  • [16:31] Jeremy discusses the incidents in his life once he dropped out of college.
  • [19:11] In 1996, he started drinking and getting into trouble while grieving for his mother.
  • [21:08] Jeremy speaks about his extended family’s strength and knowing he was loved and felt safe.
  • [30:14] Jeremy discusses his hitchhiking days and the poor choices he made during that time.
  • [33:46] He shares about his spirituality and what led to where he is now.
  • [37:21] Jeremy speaks about a town that wanted him to get out.
  • [41:22] What led you to get diagnosed?
  • [44:05] Jeremy discusses his issues with the legal system, and people were telling him he was too smart to be where he was.
  • [47:00] He shares about being homeless as a choice and finding a person who took an interest in him.
  • [49:51] Jeremy speaks about having warrants but knowing his dad was dying and in hospice care.
  • [51:34] He did two years in jail, but he found help to get him on the right track.
  • [54:00] Jeremy shares about finally getting on medication for his ADHD, even though he had never been officially diagnosed.
  • [58:22] Jeremy talks about what gave him the initiative to go back to school at 48 years old.
  • [01:00:42] He speaks about asking for help and getting what he needed.
  • [01:02:08] Jeremy says that you have to face the man in the mirror at some point in time.
  • [01:04:14] Jeremy expresses how logical and practical he feels ADHD reWired is and how much he likes the show.
  • [01:05:11] Eric says that Jeremy shows that it’s never too late to get on the path to improvement.
  • [01:06:46] Thank you for being on the show!
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