353: November 2020 Q & A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb, Moira Maybin and MJ Siemens

353: November 2020 Q & A with Brendan Mahan and Will Curb, Moira Maybin and MJ Siemens

Does daylight changing time affect your motivation? Listen as Eric Tivers with his guests, Brendan MahanWill Curb, Moira Maybin, and MJ Siemens, answer questions from the listeners in our monthly Q & A session of ADHD reWired. We are taking questions from you, the listener, about situations you want to talk through. It doesn’t matter if it’s personal or professional; we are here to give you our perspective and see if we can help you find some answers.

Our first question is from a listener who is wondering why he is having trouble with motivation and if it could be from his medication. Noel asks the panel how effective they feel medications are along with anxiety when functioning day-to-day, and Lauren wants to know how to avoid feeling overwhelmed when buying or researching large purchases.

Alison asks for tips on how to avoid getting stuck in long waiting periods. Autumn is creating a support group for children and trying to get parents involved. Erin would like to know where to go for resources for spouses and family members that are neurotypical. Margaret hasn’t been diagnosed with ADHD but has struggled with the symptoms her entire life and is looking for some direction, while Brandon is looking for a place to start on his journey for a diagnosis. The last question comes from a listener who wants to know how to get organized and maintain it.

In this final Q&A of 2020, as always, we always cover a wide range of topics, and we provide some creative takeaways no matter what stage you’re in with your diagnosis. Listen in as we discuss your questions and the struggle we still have dealing with our ADHD, and get ready for more in 2021.

*Please note that when we discuss medications, we can only address personal experience. Anytime you have been prescribed a drug, you should reach out to your provider regarding your symptoms and experiences. Not all medications are useful for all people. There are various options, and you’ll need individual help to determine which medicines are right for you.

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You’ll learn:

  • [04:05] Our first guest asks if his lack of motivation is from having a bad week or that his meds need to be adjusted.
  • [06:52] Eric asks if it could be from daylight changing time because that affects him every time.
  • [10:01] Moira shares her insight into different stimulant medications.
  • [12:45] Remember, medication’s goal is to get the benefits to outweigh the side effects.
  • [13:24] Noel wants to know how effective you feel medications are along with anxiety to be able to function day-to-day.
  • [14:17] MJ speaks about her experience with medications.
  • [15:54] Brendan believes that when he takes medication, it makes everything easier.
  • [18:29] Water and sleep will make your medication work better.
  • [24:33] Lauren wants to know how to avoid overwhelm when shopping and researching big purchases.
  • [24:58] Eric says, spreadsheets!
  • [25:31] Moira shares what she does to avoid overwhelm.
  • [30:12] MJ says that repeat purchases are the easiest for her.
  • [33:12] Alison needs ways to manage or avoid getting stuck in waiting periods.
  • [33:38] Brendan discusses having the same issues and not doing anything except what he was waiting to do.
  • [35:20] MJ shares what she does when she has a long waiting period.
  • [41:06] Autumn would like some tips on encouraging parents to get involved with a support group for their kids.
  • [42:23] Eric discusses some places she can go for information on support groups.
  • [42:55] Brendan talks about some other places she can network with.
  • [44:11] Erin would like to find some resources for spouses and family members that are neurotypical.
  • [45:35] Will recommends some kids’ books because they are good primers.
  • [46:37] Margaret has a question about her struggles in life even without an ADHD diagnosis.
  • [48:22] Eric says to always talk to someone specializing in ADHD for the most accurate diagnosis.
  • [48:31] Moira shares some stuff she has come across around women and how they are diagnosed.
  • [49:52] Brandon is looking for a place to get a diagnosis because his friends think he has it.
  • [50:32] Will says that when you have ADHD, there is a mirroring effect, and you can see ADHD in others.
  • [52:26] Tess wants recommendations on how to manage RSD.
  • [53:55] MJ adds some interesting things she has heard at CHAD.
  • [55:06] Eric shares that RSD can look a lot like PTSD.
  • [56:29] Brendan shares some practical tips that help him.
  • [59:18] Eric says just because we feel it doesn’t mean it’s true.
  • [59:55] A listener wants to know to organize everything to have a place and then maintain it.
  • [1:00:34] Eric shares that it’s a constant process.
  • [1:01:24] Brendan says to buy duplicates intentionally.
  • [1:02:26] Will believes we are not organized because we have too much stuff.
  • [1:04:28] Everyone shares how they will wrap up in 2020 and get ready for 2021.
  • [1:07:00] Brendan says that to come up with adventures to get you and your kids outside before it gets too cold to get out.
  • [1:10:30] Thank you for listening!
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