289: Sex, Intimacy and ADHD with Ari Tuckman

Ari Tuckman is back on the show to discuss his new book and new findings regarding how ADHD affects sex and intimacy. Ari is a psychologist in Pennsylvania working to help others live their best lives. Many times, living your best life requires understanding your sexual needs and wants and how they affect your partner or spouse.

288: Mastermind: Gaining Financial Literacy

This mastermind group gives amazing advice for ways to approach money and insights on why she’s been clashing with family members over the management of their trusts. The group also provides an amazing number of resources when getting started with money management. If money management is an issue for you as well, take heart, the reason money is a problem for most people is that we don’t talk about it often enough! Stay! Listen! Learn! This group gives some amazing advice.