372: Entrepreneurship and Rejection Sensitivity with Diann Wingert

Diann Wingert is a former physiotherapist turned mindset and productivity coach for female entrepreneurs with ADHD traits officially diagnosed or not. Her mission is to mentor women who are driven but distracted to overcome limiting beliefs and disempowering habits to create an ADHD-friendly business and lifestyle.

370: Name It To Tame It with Brandon Tessers from Effective Artistry

Brandon shares what his definition of executive function is and how they talk differently about it in his practice. He believes that a lot of the work he does is observation and teaching the awareness piece. He also talks about how he uses his model to help people identify the approach to figure out helpful strategies.

369: PTSD, ASD, ADHD and Women with Juliet

Listen as Juliet shares her story and what it was like being a young girl on the Autism spectrum. Juliet speaks about being sexually abused as a child and not getting help, so the untreated trauma affected the rest of her life. Juliet talks about her alcoholism, eating disorder, and what sparked her need to go into recovery.

368: I’ll Decide What I’m Supposed To Do with Erika Hopkins

Eric Tivers and his guest Erika Hopkins discuss her background, why she went to college to find a husband, her history of poor health, being tired and depressed and diagnosed with hypoglycemia, plus much more on this episode. Erika is excited about the future and feels free and adventurous, and all it took was talking to someone who put two and two together.

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