206: Scratch Your Itch: Logan Nelson

Logan Nelson joins me on this episode of the podcast.  Logan is the creator of Scratch Your Own Itch Podcast, where he inspires and motivates listeners to scratch your own itch so that you can grow personally and professionally.  In this conversation, you will hear Logan explain his why.  Logan opens up about body dysmorphia, the fear of failure, and a suicide attempt.  After that suicide attempt. Logan spent seven days in isolation, and those experiences have led Logan to the work that he’s doing now.

205: Live Q&A January 2018 with Brendan Mahan

This episode is the recording of January’s live Q&A.  I am joined on this episode by Brendan Mahan. We cover several different topics on this episode, including questions on prioritization systems, money management, “The Wall of Awful,” and much more.

204: Matt Beardsley – Cracking the Code of You

On this episode, Matt Beardsley joins me in my office.  In this conversation, you will hear Matt’s story.  He explains his love for math and why he sees math as a place for creativity.  When Matt was evaluated for ADHD, he was nervous that he would not be diagnosed because, in his research, it seemed to answer so many questions.  You will also hear Matt describe some of the tools he uses to be efficient.

203: Tom Nardone – Afraid this is getting real

No guest in the history of ADHD reWired has appeared as many times as Tom Nardone, and he joins me again on this episode.  If you’re new to the podcast, Tom and I have been friends since the start of this show.  He is the host of The Tom Nardone Show.

202: Women and ADHD with Linda Roggli

Linda Roggli joins me on this week’s episode. In this conversation, you will hear Linda share the role that estrogen plays in ADHD behavior.  This is something that a lot of OB GYNs don’t know about.  She also shares information on her observational study that you can participate in.  This could be an awakening and explain as much as an ADHD diagnosis.