503 | Career Direction with Shell Mendelson

In today’s show, Shell Mendelson joins Eric on the podcast!  Since January 2021, Shell’s Your Next Career Move Masterclass  has empowered ADHD adults to create confident career options and was trained by Richard Bolles, the … Read more

501 | Celebrating 500 (+1) Episodes: Dear ADHD…

In this episode, Eric is celebrating ADHD reWired’s 500-episode milestone. Joining him are members of ADHD reWired’s Coaching & Accountability Group Alumni Community, where they will be sharing their Dear ADHD Letters. A huge thanks … Read more

499 | Gender Queerness and AuDHD with Rainbow

In today’s show, Eric is joined by Bowie Winnike, a.k.a. Rainbow!  Rainbow is a gender doula and neurodivergent support coach with a background in art, education, activism, and mental health.  They are deeply rooted in … Read more

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