222: May Q & A

This episode is the recording of May’s live Q&A.  The questions answered in this episode were submitted by listeners of this podcast, both ahead of time and live.  Brendan Mahan once again joins me on this Q&A.

221: Sh*tstorms and Unicorns with Jackie Basham

Jackie Basham joins me on the podcast this week.  She has a degree in public health, and scattered around her house are several certificates of graduation.  She is an artist and currently has art hanging in two galleries in Springfield, Missouri.  In this discussion, you will hear Jackie tell her ADHD story, and she shares some of her personal philosophies.  You’ll hear how Jackie developed these philosophies and strategies, and how she has (and sometimes hasn’t) been successful with them.

220: Mastermind Session on Diet and Exercise

On this episode, you’re going to hear a mastermind session we recently did with my alumni admin team. Marisol shares her history with weight loss and healthy eating and talks about where she is in this area of her life now. Several participants ask clarifying questions, which help us explore other areas of this topic. By the end of the conversation, Marisol has a clear vision of what she needs to do and how she’s going to do it.

219: Diet and Exercise with Gabriel Villarreal

Gabriel Villarreal comes back on the podcast this week.  Gabriel is a resident in counseling and soon to be a licensed practicing counselor.  On this episode, you will hear Gabriel, and I discuss diet and exercise.  While we like to stay rooted in science on this podcast, the science in these areas is emerging.  However, Gabriel shares information on where science is taking us on these topics, and he shares the knowledge he has gained from his experience.

218: Models for Coaching: David Giwerc

The man, the myth, the legend, David Giwerc joins me on this episode of the podcast.  He is a global leader in coach training and education.  In this conversation, you will hear David share some of his expertise in coaching.  He starts by explaining what coaching brings us as people with ADHD.  He also describes what the purpose of ADHD coaching is, and maybe more importantly, what coaching is NOT.  You’re also going to hear David describe one of his models, the “I Model.”