266: Losing 330 pounds, after sleep apnea, ADHD, dyslexia diagnosis

Adeola Sogbein joins me on this episode of the podcast.  Adeola is a listener of the podcast, and he has an inspiring story to share with us.  Over the last four years, he has lost the weight equivalent of two adults (330 lbs) and was diagnosed with ADHD at the same time.  He comes on the podcast to talk about the importance of having people on your side and not giving up.

265: March 2019 Q&A

This episode is the recording of March’s live Q&A.  Brendan Mahan once again joins me on this Q&A. We cover a variety of topics on this episode.  We talk about anxiety, impulsivity, consistency, resiliency, accommodations, and much more.  

264: Hypnosis for ADHD?

My guest this week is Linda Donalds.  Linda was diagnosed with ADHD in her early 40s.  Like so many who were diagnosed later in life, the ADHD diagnosis helped explain so many of her struggles.  … Read more

263: Recovery and Community

Dawn Nickel is my guest on this episode.  Dawn is a certified professional recover coach and holds a Ph.D. in Healthcare Policy with a focus on women who experience issues related to mental health, addiction, … Read more

262: Sleep with me – Finally

This episode is the recording of February’s live Q&A.  The questions answered in this episode were submitted by listeners of this podcast, both ahead of time and live.  Brendan Mahan once again joins me on this Q&A.