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288: Mastermind: Gaining Financial Literacy

This mastermind group gives amazing advice for ways to approach money and insights on why she’s been clashing with family members over the management of their trusts. The group also provides an amazing number of resources when getting started with money management. If money management is an issue for you as well, take heart, the reason money is a problem for most people is that we don’t talk about it often enough! Stay! Listen! Learn! This group gives some amazing advice. 

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287: August Q&A

August’s Q&A was a great one for everyone needing tips and tricks for helping their children and themselves get and stay “organized.” Brendan and I help talk through various strategies we’ve used to help our kids with schoolwork and assignments as well as ways we stay on top of our homes, cars, and calendars.

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283: July Q&A

Brendan and I are back for July’s Q&A session! The goal of these Q&A sessions is to allow you, the listener, a chance to submit questions and situations for us to help talk you through and mastermind. It doesn’t matter if the issue is personal or professional, sometimes you just need to talk it through and look at it from a different perspective.

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About ADHD reWired

ADHD reWired is the show designed for those of us who have really good intentions, but slightly wandering attention.

As a psychotherapist turned coach in private practice, Eric Tivers has the unique perspective of being both a trained clinician who specializes in ADHD and an adult who has it. Eric talks openly about his own ADHD and shares with listeners the strategies he’s learned to be successful as well as the areas that continue to be challenging. Starting with episode 16, Eric begins talking with listeners, coaches and other therapists. 

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