355: Pole-Vaulting Over Mouse Turds with Seth Perler

355: Pole-Vaulting Over Mouse Turds with Seth Perler

“We have narratives and stories that keep us resistant.” Listen as your host, Eric Tivers, and his guest Seth Perler discuss why he started helping kids, his bout with SARS, mindfulness and the nervous system, resistance and risk tolerance, plus much more on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Seth is an Executive Function Coach, educator, vlogger, and guy who cares about seeing outside the box kids succeed. He has ADHD and has used his experience to build a successful business helping students who struggle with homework, grades, procrastination, overwhelm, underachievement, time-management, and motivation, which are all related to “Executive Function.” 

Listen as Seth shares his background, becoming a teacher, and the struggles he faced as a teacher with ADHD. Seth discusses having SARS in 2000 and how that experience gave him insights into how the brain works that helps him today when he works with kids. Seth also talks about meditation and how it can open up things in your mind that you didn’t know were holding you back.

Seth talks about becoming an entrepreneur, not having a plan, just leaping, and figuring it out as he went along. He says that he was scared, but he didn’t let it stop him because it wasn’t about him; it was about helping other people. Seth says that if you are stuck, don’t let it derail what you want to do because if he could do it, so can you.

You’ll learn:

  • [02:22] Welcome to the show, Seth!
  • [03:02] Seth shares his background and how it all started.
  • [06:00] Seth discusses failing in college and how it made him feel.
  • [07:44] Seth speaks about the struggles he had as a teacher.
  • [10:40] Eric chats about a common trait he sees in the ADHD community.
  • [12:13] Seth talks about how he felt as a kid that was misunderstood and not getting any help from his teachers.
  • [14:55] Seth discusses having to do an ADHD scale for one of his students and noticing that the questions explained a lot about himself.
  • [19:47] Seth speaks about having SARS in 2000 and how it helps him today when working with kids.
  • [21:18] Seth explains the trauma that he endured and how it affected him.
  • [24:17] He shares how his brain would create narratives that were blown out of proportion when he was in situations when he couldn’t breathe.
  • [26:52] Seth believes we have to look at the story, the narrative, and the nervous system and work with those things to learn how not to be ruled by either of them.
  • [28:35] Eric says that the picture for many people with ADHD is stronger emotions and the importance of identifying them.
  • [30:39] Seth discusses a ten-day silent meditation retreat he did and what it entailed.
  • [32:50] One of the biggest excuses people with ADHD use for not meditating is that I can’t stop thinking, how can I meditate?
  • [34:43] Seth talks about what comes to mind when he is meditating, and instead of being judgemental, you just let it play itself out.
  • [37:02] Seth discusses being suicidal from the age of 12 to about 22.
  • [38:34] Seth believes that the wounded healers are teaching what they needed to learn.
  • [44:16] Listen as Seth discusses working with resistant children.
  • [46:08] If you have ADHD and are an entrepreneur or want to be, you can do it.
  • [47:59] Risk tolerance means you are not afraid to fail.
  • [49:35] Seth tells people if you want to do something, leap and then figure it out.
  • [50:34] Eric shares that he laid down the tracks in every part of his business as the train was coming. I planned nothing.
  • [52:57] Eric talks about the first webinar he gave on technology.
  • [55:00] If you are stuck, don’t let that rule you.
  • [57:01] Seth says the first thing he did was take a journal and made a vision journal.
  • [59:04] Seth says there is nothing wrong with helping people and charging for it.
  • [59:31] Thank you for being on the show!
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