140: Productivity Q & A No. 2

This episode is the recorded audio of our 4th Q&A webinar, celebrating ADHD Awareness month.  Nisha Subramanian joins me in answering live questions.  In this Q&A session, you will hear us talk about several aspects on task management, time management, motivation, and accountability.

You’ll Learn:

  • [04:37] – Jessica asks a question about task management at times when energy levels are low.

  • [09:01] – Nisha brings up the difficulty of task management when you work from home.

  • [12:24] – Maria asks when exercise should be placed in the daily routine.  We also discuss strategies to help with exercise motivation.

  • [15:50] – Patricia asks about services and tools for managing a to-do list.

  • [20:55] – Kali asks about starting and stopping or switching tasks.  This leads to a discussion on the Pomodoro Technique.

  • [28:36] – Jessica asks about self-accountability.

  • [36:55] – Steven asks about task lists that are more long-term and based on habits.

  • [42:00] – Robert asks about the will power budget.

  • [47:24] – A question comes from the chat, “How you move from the urgent to the important?”

  • [51:45] – Kimberly asks about the things to remember when working with a new therapist.

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Use my Audible.com affiliate link for your favorite titles:


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