48: Ready, reSet, Grow

Ready, reSet, Grow | ADHD reWired

48: Ready, reSet, Grow

Four steps to bringing oneself back on track

Host Eric Tivers assesses his actions over the past week in preparation for the launch of his coaching group and how a different approach may have been fine. Addressing the audience on a more personal note, Eric talks about the challenges he’s dealt with in the form of a list of steps to bring oneself back on track.

On Last Week’s Episode, “ADHD at 55 MPH”:

  • It was the longest episode released on the podcast so far.

  • Eric was feeling anxious and nervous about releasing it – he felt like he wasn’t managing his ADHD well during its recording.

  • Despite this, Eric received a huge amount of positive supportive feedback from listeners.

  • Now that it’s episode 48, Eric has yet to miss one podcast since launch. Eric wants to demonstrate that it is possible to accomplish these larger goals.

Lessons Learned from Last Week:

  • While he accomplished much of what he set out to do, Eric wasn’t satisfied with what it took to reach that point.

  • Eric feels like he burnt himself out and pushed himself to an unhealthy point.

  • We need to have sustainable strategies for dealing with stressful and inconsistent conditions for the long-term.

  • Pushing oneself too hard is an easy way to end up being inconsistent with our actions and exhaust our executive functioning resources.

Four Steps to Bring Yourself Back on Track:

  • Be mindful of where you are now:

    • Mindfulness: Paying attention in a particular way on purpose to the present moment without judgment, but with curiosity.

    • Try to shift ourselves from the judgmental “why” to the curious “why”. Seek answers to questions of “why is this hard?” and “why am I struggling with that?” What am I feeling now – not in the past or future, but now?

    • One way to be able to focus on the present is to choose a particular sensation to pay attention to. For example, pay attention to the sensation of your breath moving in and out of your mouth: how the air feels, its temperature, smell, sensation, etc.

  • Try to find the lessons you’ve learned:

    • What are the lessons you’ve learned that will help you to move forward stronger, wiser, and find new opportunities for growth?

    • For Eric: self-imposed deadlines are very important and are a great tool to help us accomplish goals – but not at any cost.

    • Eric feels he wasn’t flexible enough during the planning of the coaching group and probably should have waited another week to launch it.

    • The first time he launched the coaching group, there were frequent delays, yet the end result came out fine.

    • Work-life balance is a challenge that needs to be addressed.

    • As a result of his off-balance life, Eric hasn’t found time to work out as often. This has lead to him gaining weight, which, in turn, might lead to worse sleep.

    • Despite the setbacks, Eric seeks to use them to motivate him to improve going forward.

  • Put the pieces back one step at a time:

    • After creating a video about using his paper planning notebook, Eric didn’t touch the notebook for about a week.

    • It was challenging to return to using the notebook after having stopped.

    • In dealing with ADHD, one should always deal with tasks, in a stepwise manner. Now, to return to regularly using the planning book, Eric has to start from the basics: planning his days out individually. Eventually, he can return to where he was with using the more complex system that is his planner.

  • When you’re having trouble with it on your own, ask for help

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