50: reWired Together – Special Event

reWired Together – Special Event

Friends of the Show Talk Together in This Special Episode

The picture above is a screenshot from the recording of episode 50 using the Zoom Conference Platform. I started using Zoom in January and I love this platform so much that I reached out to them, and they are now a proud supporter of this podcast.

For the fiftieth episode of ADHD reWired, host Eric Tivers includes the community that made the show as successful as it has become. Fifteen friends of the show, including a number of previous guests, join in a fray to share stories, personal strategies, applications, and tools they use help themselves accommodate their ADHD. They also try to name a stuffed monkey!

Guests on the Show:

  • Jeff Ashworh

  • Daniel Bowling

  • Alan Brown

  • Dianne Chareowicz

  • Carolyn D’Argenio

  • Jennie Friedman

  • Douglas Harris

  • Carley Knight

  • Precious Mackey

  • Teresa Madsen

  • Ryan McRae

  • Tom Nardone

  • Jennifer Ratliff

  • Ellen Schnur

  • Oz du Soleil

Telling Stories:

  • Doug mentions meandering off-topic while talking to colleagues at the ADDA Conference.

  • Oz tells of his falling asleep during a date at a movie theater.

  • Carly went to a job interview and was told ADHD didn’t exist.

  • Carolyn struggled making custom Halloween costumes from scratch for her children.

  • Tom made a mistake when he was tasked to paint his submarine in the Navy.

  • Precious, despite proofreading, made the same simple typo across a bunch of important school forms.

  • Jenny, while writing a book, sent a friend (Carolyn) a copy to help with editing; hours of editing later, Jenny realized she had sent the wrong book.

  • Eric recounts misspelling “recuse” as “rescues” in college papers and his frequent typos in emails.

Applications and Tools Recommended by Guests:

  • Tom: Messenger

  • Precious: Sleep as Android

  • Carley: Dispatch

  • Jeff: Trello and Google Reminders

  • Jen: Facebook

  • Doug: Eye Defender

  • Diane: Songza and Evernote

  • Ryan: Evernote and Hazel

  • Teresa: Coach.me

  • Daniel: Evernote, Dropbox, and Audible

  • Ellen: Songza and Audible

  • Carolyn: Audible, Wheel of What, Habit RPG

  • Allen Brown: The Seven-Minute Workout

  • Oz: A mechanical pencil and paper notebook

  • Carley: Bullet Journal

  • Eric: IFTTT, Unstuck

Life Strategies and More Tools:

  • Oz: (1) Just communicate — being responsible for what you say, writing your email and sending it is more important than thinking about the perfect way to say something in a message, and

  • Oz: (2) Uses ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) videos to help fall asleep. They provide background noise and content to distract people enough to not have their mind wander while trying to sleep. Eric mentions the intentionally boring podcast “Sleep with Me”.

  • Diane: Five minute “flash cleanings” where she moves quickly across her home, not spending more than five minutes in a single room. Using a timer with an alarm, this strategy keeps her prioritizing important cleaning focal points within each room without becoming carried away. She has been trying to do this once per day.

  • Ryan: Calling a mulligan when you really mess up. Instead of slowing down and focusing on the mistake, it’s okay to just clear your head and start over again from square one.

“Hot Seat” Suggestions and Comments on the Show:

  • A wish for more casual, conversation-like introductions

  • Don’t shy away from longer episodes. Many people like the more in-depth content, and they can always pause the podcast and return later. Alternatively, longer recordings could be split into multiple episodes.

  • Try to incorporate more guests outside the realm of ADHD in order to add their perspectives and methods to the mix.

  • Introduce a continually running “tips and tricks” submission drive. Listeners could send in their own personal tips and tricks to be featured on the show.

  • Continuing to feature show notes for each episode.

  • Discuss more the difference between some people displaying traits similar to those found in ADHD and a person actually encountering their ADHD.

  • Include more of Eric’s son (and the stuffed monkey) on the show; they’re cute.

  • Discuss issues surrounding comorbidity (those with multiple disorders).

Episodes Referenced:

Products and Links:

  • Zoom video conferencing

  • ADDitude Magazine is running an article Eric wrote, and featured it on the cover

  • Sleep as Android, a sleep management application

  • Dispatch, a mailbox application for iOS that can integrate with GTD

  • Trello, an organization and list-making application that is compatible with OneNote

  • EyeDefender, a Windows application that reminds users to rest their eyes, though can also be used as a general timer

  • Sonza, a curated streaming music service

  • Evernote

  • Coach.me, a planning and scheduling program designed around goal accomplishment

  • Dropbox

  • Wheel of What, a simple iOS randomizer that picks a choice from a pool of set choices

  • “The Seven-Minute Workout”, a twelve-step workout plan for those with time constraints. (There are many application with similar names to this. E.g. Android [1, 2, 3], iOS [1, 2, 3] )

  • IFTTT, an automation service based on the phrasing “if this, then that”

  • Unstuck, an application designed to help people plan ways out of ruts they may be in

  • Bullet Journal, a short note-taking system designed with ADHD in mind

Other information:

  • Visit erictivers.com/audible for Carolyn D’Argenio’s list of her top Audible.com audio-book picks, complete with preview links.

  • If you would be interested in planning to meet for scheduled “adult study hall” sessions, let Eric know at either erictivers.com or [email protected].

  • If you want you hear your question or comment on a future episode, go to erictivers.com/adhdrewired and look for the comment form, or click on the yellow button for either “Be a Guest” or “Record your question”.

  • Are you looking for a coach? You can schedule a free 20-minute consultation with Eric. Go to erictivers.com and click the blue “Schedule an Appointment” button

  • http://www.chadd.org/

  • Northern Illinois chapter of CHADD

    • Third Monday of every month at 6:45 PM

    • Grayslake, Illinois

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