28: Running For A Balanced Life with Kari Gormley

Running For A Balanced Life

28: Running For A Balanced Life with Kari Gormley

Kari Gormley is a fellow podcaster, mom, runner and she has ADHD

  • Failing Forward: We’ve all had these moments of forgotten appointments, but Kari has learned but behavioral strategies, and a new service.

    • She’s now using the online scheduling program Schedule Once (I’m using vCita)

  • This interview was a Last Minute interview

  • Her background in in sales and marketing

  • Spent time in Sweden and the East Coast.

  • She lost a lot of weight and became lifetime member for Weight Watchers.

  • Podcasts changed her life.

  • Views running as a tool to help managing life.

  • Great ideas happen while running.


  • Diagnosed 3 months ago.

  • Read Driven by Distraction felt that it described her.

  • ADHD has certain challenges and many strengths.

Green Zone & Red Zone

  • Outsourcing our red zone.

  • Challenge of outsourcing – need to be able to communicate what you need to do.

  • Listens to podcasts while doing chores

  • We are the sum of the 5 people we’re around.


  • Listener asks question: “Can you beat my time of 2 hr 59” Kari’s Answer: Nope

  • She’s done 2 marathons.

  • Describes herself as a “mid to a back-of the back runner”

  • Views running is a gift, and she wants to do it for the rest of her life.

  • On her podcast she will be having a challenge for gratitude

  • She mentions Squirrels and Diamonds, and ironically, as I write this I can’t remember why.

  • Runner joke: “Runner in between injuries”

  • Running as Form and Function

  • We’re not taught how to move.

  • Her coach would tell her, “Kick your legs, your a runner.”

  • Kari says it’s important to be mindful about how you move.

  • In describing the growing popularity of running: Running as experiences that are brining people together and increasing dopamine.

  • Start Slow and Grow.

  • Distance running is all about the long slow run.


  • Born to Run

  • Running Rules

  • Runners World Magazine

  • to find a running group

Areas of Struggle (related mostly to ADHD)

  • Son had 2 months off of school, had 5 trips, and launched podcast in the middle of it.

  • 3 times a week podcast – 2 interview shows

  • She wants to Increase quality time with family.

  • She’s working on achieving more Balance

Random Question Round:

  • Q: What’s the next big thing: A: Digital Detox

  • Q: What’s your favorite junk food: A: gluten free chocolate covered pretzels

  • Q: What’s your favorite game show: A: No Whammy

  • Q: What’s a Pet peeve at the grocery store? A: People not moving out of the way.

  • Q: What’s your Favorite App: Stitcher

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The Running Lifestyle show is available on iTunes and Stitcher

Kari is on Facebook & Twitter.


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