2: Sleep & ADHD

2: Sleep & ADHD

Sleep challenges can run the gamut when you have ADHD.  In this episode, I discuss common sleep challenges, as well as my sleep challenges, and I share a number of strategies.  I also share one of my favorite tools in my ADHD toolbox for helping me with sleep.  Need help quieting all those racing thoughts?  Go check out SleepPhones.  They really are “pajamas for your ears.”  Once you try this product, you will wonder how you ever managed without it.  And if you share a bed, your partner will thank you.  I’ve already owned 3 pairs over the last 4 years.  I currently use and recommend the SleepPhones with the braided audio cord, but If/when the cord goes bad on this pair I will be upgrading to their new wireless pair.

Recommended Apps

Sleep Cycle alarm clock – Northcube AB

There are many great features to this app, but here I will point out two.

1. The Intelligent Alarm.  This app uses the motion sensor to know what phase of sleep you are in.  You give it a range (30 minutes is recommended), and then it will wake you within a 30 minute window during your lightest phase of sleep.  Say goodbye to waking up groggy.

2. Notes: You customize the note fields, and then it prompts you to choose what you have indicated, such as “ate a big meal” or “drank alcohol.”  You have to choose these as you’re setting the alarm.  Then it gives you all kinds of great data!!!  Learn what has an impact on your sleep.

FreakyAlarm — The Puzzle & Scanning Alarm That Wakes Your Brain – Enrico Angelini

I like this app for 3 reasons:

1. It helps me stop what I am doing becuase it will keep going off every minute.  There is no easy way to snooze this one.

2. In addition to having to solve a math problem (and if your math skills are anything like mine, you may want to have a calculator nearby), you can use a QR code, UPC code, or picture of something as the deactivating trigger.  I use this app to help me get home on time.  I have to scan the UPC code that is on the back of a cook book in my kitchen to shut the alarm off.  This utilizes what ADHD research expert, Russle Barkley, PhD refers to as the “point of performance.”  This refers to the specific place you need to be in order for an action to happen.  Once you pass that point, you missed the opportunity to perform.  If you want to learn more about points of performance, I recommend his book, Taking Charge of Adult ADHD

3. It gives you graphical, visual feedback data.

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4 thoughts on “2: Sleep & ADHD”

  1. Things that work for me. Mindfulness sleep scan. Google UCLA Mindfulness
    Focusing at one point in the dark void. As you enter lucidity before full sleep you will see some really imagery.
    Counting quirky sheep with exaggerated jumps, somersaults, other ways to negotiate that pesky fence.

    But obviously i don’t do this routinely!

  2. (pssst I actually started listening to these podcasts 4 years ago after being diagnosed at the age of 34. I eventually found some focus for a number of years and “myself” blah blah blah….. but somewhere i totally lost site and need to go through almost the same steps and rediscovering the process… but i know know what i’m capable of and have some worth so I’ll fail better again!

    Sorry what I’m trying to say is THANKS these contributed to self management greatly and will make listening to this a part of my routine.)

  3. Hi! I am just starting the “listen to everything in order” journey, and I want to slowly add the tools and habits as I’m able. I went to look into sleepphones via your affiliate link(s), and it took me to a place to sign up as an affiliate with ShareASale. That’s kind of cool, because I do have a website, and would eventually like to be consistent with creating content and sharing affiliate links to things I love…but it doesn’t take me to the sleep phones info. 😀 I thought this might be reducing your potential pennies.


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