286: Strengths, Expectations, Frustration, and Sensory Processing with Ann Marie Silverberg

286: Strengths, Expectations, Frustration, and Sensory Processing with Ann Marie Silverberg

Ann Marie Silverberg is a wife, mother, dog trainer and was recently diagnosed with ADHD. Listen in as we chat about her road to diagnosis, how ADHD affects her life and business, and why, in many ways, she views the condition as a strength. 

Ann Marie’s road to diagnosis was a fairly long one. Like many others trying to find a reason for their behavior, she had an Aha! moment, but an actual diagnosis was long in coming. It was almost as if no one WANTED to diagnose her. She shares the struggle that she went through and what led to her finally receiving the help she needed.

Do you have sensory processing issues? So does Ann Marie! She uses that sensory overload to her advantage in her work. Listen as she shares why she’s very similar to the animals she trains and how that similarity makes her an expert at her craft.

This was an awesome conversation full of positivity and advice for keeping on track with your goals. We dig into how Ann Marie cues herself for behavioral change and the importance of positivity in everyday life.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [01:35] Welcome to the show Ann Marie Silverberg, a certified dog trainer and behavioral consultant!
  • [03:44] Learn why Ann Marie decided to work with aggressive dogs.
  • [05:24] What has Ann Marie learned from working with anxious and aggressive dogs about her own behavior? 
  • [06:06] Why trying to parent keyed her into a possible underlying issue in her own behavior.
  • [09:58] How long did it take for Ann Marie to be diagnosed with ADHD after she had her “Aha!” moment.
  • [18:02] Why setting realistic expectations is very important to maintaining your sanity.
  • [21:54] How does ADHD show up in Ann Marie’s business? 
  • [24:39] Do cues work to remind Ann Marie to use the spreadsheets she creates? 
  • [31:24] Ann Marie shares some of her sensory processing issues and how they affect her business for the good and bad.
  • [37:08] What cues does Ann Marie use to reinforce behavioral changes? 
  • [39:13] How does she leverage her strengths in her business? 
  • [47:50] Does Ann Marie struggle with low frustration tolerance? 
  • [53:02] Connect with Ann Marie!
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