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383: Neurodivergence Runs in the Family

For long-time listeners, you’ve heard Eric mention his son on the podcast before. Well, guess what? His son is here today as dad’s very special guest! Listen as your host Eric Tivers and his son discuss his perspective on having ADHD (among other things) and its effect on him during this endearing and humor-filled episode of ADHD reWired.

377: Neurodiversity and the Inflow App with George Sachs

George is the co-founder and clinical director of Inflow, the first science-based app built for and by people with ADHD. Inflow is grounded in the principles of cognitive-behavioral therapy, and its mission is to help every person with ADHD reach their full potential by providing sustainable, accessible, and cost-effective support.

189: She Wasn’t Always This Focused with Rosa Swann

This week I talk with Rosa Swann. She’s been a full-time romance author for two years. She starting writing romance novels while she was working on her master’s degree. Rosa believes in happy endings and making choices that make you happy. In this conversation, you will hear Rosa talk about being diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. She explains how they both affect her, and how she has gone about treating both of these diagnoses.

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