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372: Entrepreneurship and Rejection Sensitivity with Diann Wingert

Diann Wingert is a former physiotherapist turned mindset and productivity coach for female entrepreneurs with ADHD traits officially diagnosed or not. Her mission is to mentor women who are driven but distracted to overcome limiting beliefs and disempowering habits to create an ADHD-friendly business and lifestyle.

364: Not Like The Other Brains with William Curb from Hacking Your ADHD

Creating and sustaining a podcast is a lesson in discipline for ANY podcaster but even more so for someone who has also been diagnosed with ADHD. Having set systems definitely helps but there are so many new facets of the disorder that you’ll face as you try to keep a steady schedule that it’s almost like learning a whole new tool.

356: Mastermind Session with Natalie – PMDD and ADHD

Roxie, Jessica, Moira are here with Natalie in the hot seat. Natalie is looking for strategies to deal with hormonal changes around her cycle, plus much more on this Mastermind session episode of ADHD reWired.

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