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318: Working From Home with Thanh Pham

Are you finding it hard to be productive while working from home? Listen, as Eric and his guest Thanh discuss easy ideas and tips for working more productively from home. Thanh is the founder of Asian Efficiency, where he helps people become more productive at work and in life. He’s also the co-host of the top productivity podcast The Productivity Show, on which Eric enjoyed being a guest not too long ago.

250: Best Productivity Episode Yet with Emily Parks

Emily Parks is a productivity consultant and the owner of Organize for Success.  She is an Evernote certified consultant and a lover of technology, In this conversation, you will hear Emily share a ton of super helpful tips and strategies.  This is a can’t-miss episode if you would like to become more efficient in areas of your life with things like digital clutter, time-blocking, and email.  At the end of the episode, you’ll even hear Emily share some tips specific to this holiday time of the year.

241: Mastermind Session: Morning Routines – Diana in the Hot Seat 1 of 4

This episode is part of a four-episode series of mastermind session.  This week, Diana will sit in the hot seat, and we are joined by Natalie, Dan, and Sandra.  The morning routine on non-urgent days is what has Diana hung up right now. Throughout this conversation, you will hear us offer suggestions, tips, techniques, and strategies to help her make these mornings productive.  If you find it difficult to get started in the mornings, you should have plenty of things to try after listening to this episode.

223: Organize This with Nathalie Pedicelli

Nathalie Pedicelli joins me on the podcast this week. On this episode, Nathalie will share her knowledge and experience in the area of organization. She shares her history of organizing, and in our conversation, we tackle many areas of life where organization can be a real struggle. In this conversation, Nathalie gives us all practical tips to implement to become more organized.

ADHD reWired Episode 200

200: Live Q & A December 2017 with Brendan Mahan

 This Week’s Episode: We did it!  We made it to episode #200!  I would have never guessed we would have over one million downloads over 176 different countries.  You and your stories are why … Read more

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