255: Exercise, Study Habits and a Healthy Perspective with Isaac Boutin

Isaac Boutin joins me on this week’s episode of the podcast.  Isaac has been diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, and Tourette’s. He also might be the youngest guest we’ve had on this podcast, as he is finishing his senior year of high school.  When I talked with Isaac, his story and attitude were so positive and inspiring, I knew we needed to have him on.

237: Don’t Dis-My-Ability with Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith joins me on the podcast this week. He is the proud founder and CEO of Don’t dis-my-ability Consultation Services, an innovative, multi-faceted coming specializing in the emerging field of neurodiversity. In this conversation, you will hear Shawn talk about his company and the services he provides. He explains why his company being located in a cooperative creates a constructive environment for his work. Shawn discusses his background, his struggles in school, his diagnosis, and why the entrepreneurial life fits him well.

Chasing Kites with Tom Nardone | ADHD reWired

105: Chasing Kites with Tom Nardone

Popular returning guest Tom Nardone, of The Tom Nardone Show, walks through his book Chasing Kites, detailing his childhood stories of dealing with life, school, family, and ADHD. About Tom Nardone: A many-time prior guest … Read more