Sleep to Success | ADHD reWired

37: Sleep to Success

An interview with Dr. Roberto Olivardia, Harvard clinical psychology instructor With a history of sleep disorders himself, Dr. Roberto Olivardia talks through his experiences dealing with the effects ADHD can have on sleep. As a … Read more

Married with Separate Bedrooms | ADHD reWired

34: Married with Separate Bedrooms

An interview with Tom Nardone from Frank and honest with himself and others, writer Tom Nardone helps to inspire, communicate with, and provide relatable experiences to readers of his two blogs. With many unique … Read more

13: Getting Out of a Rut

When I sat down to record this episode, I was feeling in a bit of a funk.  As I talked about in episode 12, I was not feeling well when I recorded last week’s episode, … Read more

2: Sleep & ADHD

Sleep challenges can run the gamut when you have ADHD.  In this episode, I discuss common sleep challenges, as well as my sleep challenges, and I share a number of strategies.  I also share one … Read more

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