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Coaching Member Testimonials

ADHD reWired Coaching & Accountability Groups

“This group will teach you how your ADHD affects your daily life and give you tools to start dealing with it more effectively.”

Larry Horner – Season 22 – Fall 2020

“I really appreciated the “compassionate ass-kicking” part. It isn’t often that someone is willing to offer shame-free, unsoftened feedback that I can be doing better or can improve.”

Graham R. – Season 22 – Fall 2020

“I would describe it as a well-developed coaching group made excellent by the amount of skillfully facilitated interaction with the other group members. On the question of cost, I’d point to the small group size and the sheer amount of coaching and interaction time. With group and A-Team it’s easily five active hours a week for 10 weeks, or about $36/hour. Consider all that plus the work Eric and the ADDmins are doing in the background and it seems quite reasonable. I admit I winced a little at the total cost upfront, but it has been worth every penny and many more besides.”

Craig B. – Season 22 – Fall 2020

“I love that Eric bravely shares his own struggles rather than acting as if he’s already got it all down. Most of us listen to the podcast and come into group with a great admiration of Eric, so seeing that he’s genuine and unafraid to admit where he’s weak makes it easier for the rest of us to admit that to ourselves and have the courage to grow. “

Jessica Via – Season 19 – Winter 2020

“I liked the constant reminder that we were in a “sandbox,” explaining that failing is part of the process and how picking ourselves up is what matters and the IMPORTANCE of community. I liked that Eric didn’t allow for so much deviation in conversations, he was on it with his presentations and information. Mostly, I enjoyed how genuine, relatable, sincere, and wise he interacts was with everyone.”

Edith Zavala-Castillo – Season 18 – Winter 2019

“If you’re caught up because of the cost then you don’t get it, this is life-changing, the money is irrelevant and you’ll get back what you spend x 100. This course should accompany every ADHD diagnosis, because without you’ll be lost, confused, frustrated, unhappy, etc! It’s the definitive guide to managing your ADHD.”

Jason Burns – Season 22 – Fall 2020

“My personal growth was explosive. It is enormously beneficial to my acceptance, tolerance of my own ADHD. The positive transformation is noticed by family and friends, but most importantly this is career-salvaging for me.”

Diana Hager – Season 10 – Fall 2017

“This group is definitely a crash-course in ADHD living. Yes, it’s a big time and money commitment. If you’re ready for change you will more than get your money’s worth! You will see change while you’re in the group, and you will have a guideline for change in the future. You’ll also meet some amazing people who are deeply committed to seeing you succeed. You’ll be pushed to look at your behaviors and to take responsibility for your future, but you’ll also be able to genuinely show up as yourself. No judgment, and lots of laughter. Stop debating it in your head, sign up.”

Laura – Season 10 – Fall 2017

“I’ve already recommended this group to several people, including an ADHD coach I work with (and he mentioned he said he pointed a client towards it). As for cost, the rationale for me was, if you’re unhappy about something in your life and you could make it even just incrementally better, say 5%, what would that increased peace of mind be worth? If you’re feeling better, you’re going to forget all about that money. It’s an investment in yourself.”

Brian Entler – Season 22 – Fall 2020

“My biggest takeaway from the group was a much better picture of how ADHD impacts me and the way I see and navigate the world. The tools presented were great, but the deeper understanding of why I needed them and what they could help me do were the most important thing for me.”

Gabriel Greiner – Season 22 – Fall 2020

“If you’re willing and able to put the work in, it’s worth the cost. The groups are small, so you receive a lot of personal attention, and get to know everyone who’s on the journey with you. It’s helped immensely with gaining awareness and perspective around impossible concepts like “time.” There are fun new strategies to learn and know, but you also spend time processing the emotional side of ADHD in a supportive, compassionate environment. I really looked forward to the coaching sessions each week.”

Cayley Waldo – Season 21 – Summer 2020

“What I liked best was that [Eric] was honest and vulnerable and open with us, which helped us do the same. He wasn’t telling us what was the best or the right way to do things, but rather we were having to come to them on our own. When Eric would give advice, we were still encouraged and allowed to figure our way there on our own. I think having us share and write down our insights was a really big part of this for me, because I had so many light bulb moments of finally understanding what you or someone meant, but it often only really clicked if I got to make mistakes along the way. “

Mel Medeiros – Season 19 – Winter 2020

“I already hold a lot of admiration and respect to you, Eric for all the work that you’ve done. What I love is your ability to be in front of us and be human, humble, be imperfect, and be vulnerable. You’ve kicked ass creating this community and part of the reason it was easy to establish our group rapport is you are non-judgmental, authentic and I know you truly care about everyone getting the care they need. That makes us easy to trust you and be vulnerable. You listen, you’re curious, and you’re not afraid to push us beyond our boundaries. I’ve been learning from you since I joined your Patreon coaching and have been learning and growing because of you. Because of you, I”m inspired to help others with ADHD and continue to better my work as a clinician and as a person. I’m truly grateful to have been your student and I can’t ask a better role model for a therapist.”

Kate Engel, therapist – Season 18 – Winter 2019

“Joining the group helps you develop strategies that other folks have been using easily for years – it’s time to get a handle on life. Regarding the cost, gosh, how much money do we – do I – have you – wasted on impulse purchases or late fees? How many promotions have we missed because we couldn’t get it together? It’s an intense program and well worth the money.”

Sara Mangat – Season 10 – Fall 2017

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“It’s awesome, it’s intensive, and it’s a big-time commitment. If you’re working a full-time job and you have trouble balancing multiple things while at work, it might be tough AND I found it so worth it.

So many of the things Eric talks about & gives a name to are things I have wrestled with for YEARS. The group helps normalize so much of this & gave me a way of thinking about the struggles that helped me break through a lot of stuck perspectives, and let me put solid mental energy into reframing a lot of my perspectives on my anxiety & distractibility.

My wife and my therapist noticed the difference, and so did I.

If you’re worried about cost, think about how much you’re spending on therapy, or think of what the cost of not being productive for a YEAR is. Then think about how much you’d be willing to be happier for 1 year. It’s worth it.

Pat Martinson – Season 19 – Winter 2020

“It was very powerful to share so many similar life struggles with such vastly different people. Different in every way. Yet, I felt such a fast bond and so much understanding and compassion from these prior strangers smiling back at me from my computer screen. The key benefit was that there are tools and steps and real tangible help to stop the terrible negative self-talk and self-sabotaging patterns and tendencies ADHDers share. I learned a lot about myself and met my tribe. That is more powerful than I even thought it would be. You can’t afford not to invest in yourself and your future. It goes by in a blink! Thank you Eric and my ARC 10 Fam!”

Karen Carothers – Season 10 – Fall 2017

“It’s a total life changer! We learned, shared and experienced not only from Eric but from the whole group. And that is a real game changer. To know that you are not the only one facing with these problems. I will recommend it for sure to everyone with ADHD who has the opportunity to join.”

Ryan Ilahi – Season 10 – Fall 2017

“I was blown away by the group setting. It was remarkable to be with other people who were dealing with some of the same challenges.
Each week, Eric helped me evaluate my skills, clarify my goals, and establish a plan to achieve them. He is one of us and that makes a powerful impression. The authenticity he has and the vulnerability to show it amazed and inspired me.
By the end of the program, I achieved many of the goals I had set for myself. Eric also helped me recognize the value of acknowledging my progress. And I am able to say that the progress I made is really amazing.”

Happy Little – Season 4 – Fall, 2015

“Eric’s exactly the right kind of guy to be running a group like this.
He knows a lot. He’s an experienced coach and therapist, and shares with us his own lessons of living with ADHD. He’s the guide who’s a few steps ahead of us.
One of the strongest things Eric brings to the experience is a very clear sense that we’re all going through this together.
The biggest benefit to me was meeting people who are facing some similar issues and all of us working through them together. That’s very important to me, knowing I am not alone.”

Mike Fidel – Season 4 – Fall 2015

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