349: The Fidgety Entrepreneur with Jason Burns From Fidgetland

349: The Fidgety Entrepreneur with Jason Burns From Fidgetland

“Have you been told that your ADHD is so severe that it limits your education and career choices? Listen as your host, Eric Tivers, and his guest Jason Burns discuss giving up his career in the entertainment industry to start his own company plus much more on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Jason is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and former entertainment executive. He’s the President and CEO of the company Fidgetland, a company he started to help fellow ADHDers and others to benefit from fidgeting. You may also have seen Jason, also known as the fidget man, on ABC’s The Shark Tank, where he scored a deal with Barbara Corcoran. 

Jason discusses how he came up with the fidget idea, his online sales, getting a deal on Shark Tank in 2015, and the challenges of marketing something designed to be discreet. If you listen all the way through, you will receive a code to get 20% off your purchase at

Listen, as Jason speaks about being told that his ADHD was so severe that he’d never be able to have a career where education was needed, how medication changed his life, and how ADHD awareness has changed since he was diagnosed over thirty years ago. He now speaks at schools to educate students on how fidgets helped him focus and his journey with ADHD.

Jason shares some stories of working with people like Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart, and Stan Lee. He also tells us he went to high school with Joel McHale, and they have worked together on a couple of projects. Jason says that he doesn’t miss working with the stars and the agent side, but he enjoyed making things and the business’s content side.

You’ll learn:

  • [02:54] Welcome to the show, Jason!
  • [04:29] Jason shares how his fidget business got started.
  • [06:43] Jason describes his fidget design for the listeners.
  • [08:39] Listen, as Jason speaks about dropping his prototype and a co-worker picking it up and loving it immediately.
  • [11:14] Jason talks about the online sales and then in 2015 going on Shark Tank.
  • [13:30] They discuss the challenges of marketing his fidget.
  • [21:45] Jason speaks about his educational journey and the challenges he faced.
  • [24:54] Jason shares his struggles with ADHD in his business and life.
  • [28:44] Listen, as Jason talks about having your own company and dealing with business and ADHD things.
  • [30:05] Jason discusses what he did in the entertainment industry.
  • [31:45] He believes that being an entrepreneur is lonely.
  • [35:35] Eric says as an entrepreneur, it’s important to do everything you can to have the maximum time in your area of strength.
  • [35:57] Jason shares that his brain is always telling him he can do something better, and it can be paralyzing.
  • [42:34] Jason discusses talking to schools about fidgeting and ADHD.
  • [44:10] they diagnosed him with ADHD thirty years ago, and he used to think it was just about medical management.
  • [46:26] Jason shares working with Adam Sandler, Kevin Hart, Stan Lee, and Joel McHale.
  • [49:10] He speaks about Adam Sandler being laser-focused and very detail-oriented.
  • [50:40] Do you miss working and being around the stars?
  • [52:22] Jason discusses a subscription model he wanted to implement, but the response wasn’t favorable.
  • [54:05] Jason gives a discount code for the listeners to purchase a fidget.
  • [56:16] Thank you for being on the show!
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