314: Toiletpaperpocalypse With Jessica McCabe

314: Toiletpaperpocalypse With Jessica McCabe

Does humor help you get through insane moments in your life? Eric and Jessica wanted to do this special episode to give you the listeners some ideas on what you can do to stay sane during this uncertain time in the world, and humor is at the top of the list along with exercise and staying in touch with the ADHD community.

 They share the alternatives they found for exercise when the gym is too risky, why going to the store can bring on anxiety, and what they plan to do if they run out of toilet paper. Jessica speaks about what the media is reporting and how, at times like this, reporters need to be very careful about what they share.

Eric and Jessica chat about the paper product shortage, the hope that mindsets will change once this is over, and the good that can come from all of this uncertainty. They discuss why social distancing is so essential and how this would be a good time for a futuristic technology like doors that don’t have a doorknob.

Since laughter is always the best medicine, they share jokes, Facebook posts, comments, and other nonsensical things to lighten the mood because you can only take so much of this new reality. Eric and Jessica also chat about being kind to your significant other if you are both stuck working from home. Try not to fight.

Have you heard that meditation exercises are a great way to cope with stress and anxiety? Listen as Eric and Jessica give some tips and ideas on ways to use this technique. They also share how grateful they are for their ADHD communities and the hope that this episode will ease some issues that can come from the craziness in this beautiful world we live in.

You’ll learn:

  • [02:38] We wanted to do this episode to share ideas on how to stay sane during this crazy time.
  • [03:16] Jessica is here to discuss the importance of humor in this unique situation.
  • [05:22] They speak about how things are weird now, especially for those with ADHD.
  • [07:12] Have you found an alternative to exercise? What is it?
  • [09:50] Eric shares how exercise helps him cope with life, but it isn’t worth the risk of going to the gym.
  • [12:01] Eric chats about what he found to replace going to the gym.
  • [14:34] Jessica speaks about how overwhelming things are right now and how it is affecting her mental health.
  • [16:40] Does going to Costco or Sam’s right now cause you to have a panic attack?
  • [18:51] When watching the news, think about what information you need in your life.
  • [21:01] They discuss the shortage of toilet paper and paper towels and alternatives if they run out.
  • [22:43] Jessica believes that some good stuff will come from all of this uncertainty.
  • [23:42] Eric hopes the mindset changes around the culture of selfishness.
  • [25:04] Jessica says that is very important for the media to be careful with what they share.
  • [27:37] Eric shares why social distancing is so essential to keep the virus at manageable levels.
  • [29:25] They discuss some funny things they have read on Facebook.
  • [32:30] Are you working from home with your significant other? Are you fighting?
  • [34:15] Eric speaks about posting on his Facebook page asking everyone how they were doing.
  • [36:21] Jessica chats about posting on Twitter and the responses she is getting.
  • [38:35] Eric and Jessica share jokes that were published in their groups.
  • [42:01] Eric shares the audio of a government official forgetting to take their mic off when they went to the bathroom.
  • [45:01] Do you think there will be futuristic technology put in place because of the coronavirus?
  • [47:16] Jessica shares that Forbes agrees with her that laughing is the best medicine to deal with COVID-19.
  • [49:00] Without a routine, do you feel like you don’t know what you are doing or get anything done?
  • [51:07] If you are new to ADHD and don’t have any coping strategies and are quicker to frustration, try meditation practices.
  • [53:49] Eric describes how you can use food as a form of meditation.
  • [56:10] What do you have to have to keep you sane for the next few weeks? Food? Exercise?
  • [59:00] Eric shares how his seasonal affective disorder makes him feel.
  • [1:01:23] They feel like this situation is stripping everyone back to the basics.
  • [1:03:58] Do gratitude practices make you feel worse? 
  • [1:05:21] You can’t chase happiness because a lot of things we do to pursue happiness make us unhappy.
  • [1:07:26] Eric speaks about being grateful for the community that they have.
  • [1:09:36] Jessica, what are you doing this weekend for self-care?
  • [1:13:10] Drink water, hold on to an ice cube, or dunking your head in water are ways to ground you during an anxiety attack.
  • [1:15:21] Eric discusses family planning during this time of self-quarantine.
  • [1:16:45] While we may be dealing with some severe stuff, let’s try not to take ourselves so seriously.
  • [1:18:42] Stay connected to the community if you need to talk.
  • [1:19:54] If you can support Jessica on Patreon at, it would be much appreciated.
  • [1:25:30] If you are a regular listener, consider becoming a patron and on our Patreon at

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