342: Transitions, Balancing Work and Relationships with Adison Smith

342: Transitions, Balancing Work and Relationships with Adison Smith

Do you have trouble transitioning from work to being at home? Listen as your host, Eric Tivers, and his guest Adison Smith discuss how ADHD has impacted her life. Eric shares some coaching around balance, burnout, transitions, and accountability, plus much more on this episode of ADHD reWired.

Adison has recently realized that she might be the living embodiment of the phrase ‘jack of all trades, master of none’ since she has had five jobs in the last five years, not including the job she has now as a greenhouse gardener for a nonprofit garden in Dallas, TX. She loves to garden, paint, ride horses, be outside, and spend time with her husband and three dogs.

Adison shares why she got bored with her previous jobs and why being a gardener keeps her engaged. Adison recognizes that she can’t do life like everyone else, but after learning more about ADHD, she understands that she can live life her way. Adison discusses her issues with transitioning with Eric, and he shares some ideas on ways that helped him.

Listen, as Adison speaks about how her relationships with friends have suffered because she is so focused on her job; she doesn’t want to stop to meet up with them as they planned and is always canceling on them. Eric suggests flipping the script and prioritizing friends and just making room for work.

The issues that Adison is having around these topics are issues that Eric says most people with ADHD face. If you ask yourself the same questions as Adison, this is an episode that you can’t miss.

You’ll learn:

  • [02:25] Welcome to the show, Adison!
  • [03:21] Adison shares her background and her ADHD diagnosis.
  • [06:02] Adison speaks about her roommates in college being upset with her because she wouldn’t share her medication.
  • [08:00] She discusses some of her jobs she left because they bore her.
  • [11:14] Adison shares about a gardening program she really liked and why it holds her attention.
  • [12:55] Adison says that she can’t do life like everyone else.
  • [14:50] She speaks about learning so much from the podcasts she has been listening to.
  • [21:21] Adison discusses where she has the most difficulties with transitioning and how it shows up.
  • [23:15] Eric shares how he handles transitioning from vacation to going back to work.
  • [26:39] If you were to reflect on what you’ve already done today, what would that look like?
  • [28:46] How much time do you think it would take you to do it?
  • [29:44] Adison explains why she doesn’t take breaks when she is at work.
  • [32:32] Eric discusses time tracking, so Adison would know what time she needs to get started.
  • [34:02] Adison shares what she could do during her break times that she would enjoy.
  • [37:09] Eric believes that you need focus at work, but not hyper-focus.
  • [41:37] Adison talks about how her relationships have been affected by this new job.
  • [44:05] There is nobody on their deathbed that wished they would have worked more.
  • [46:24] Eric suggests flipping the script and prioritizing friends and just making room for work.
  • [48:22] Adison discusses her friends and talking to them about her ADHD.
  • [51:33] Eric speaks about having her friends make her accountable when she has plans with them.
  • [54:00] Adison shares about her relationship with her husband and her impulse buys.
  • [56:51] Eric suggests ways she could stop her impulse buys.
  • [59:24] How many reminders do you need? As many as it takes.
  • [1:00:17] Thank you for being on the show!
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