209: Work Life Balance with Marisol Salizar

This Week’s Episode:

If you’re expecting to hear last month’s live Q&A, I’ve changed the plan.  I really want to share a conversation with Marisol Salizar.  Marisol is one of the members of our Coaching and Accountability Group, and I think when it comes to finding what really matters in life, and creating healthy boundaries between work, family, and play, the progress that she has made can be inspirational for all of us who really struggle with this balance, especially when we are fortunate enough to love the work that we do.

Marisol is a wife, a mom, and a biology professor.  She made it through her whole academic career not knowing she had ADHD.  Like many undiagnosed women, she hit 40 with a full-time career, a husband, two kids (one recently diagnosed with ADHD), a house, a geriatric cat, and several dead plants.  She just couldn’t juggle it anymore.  Luckily, her daughter’s psychiatrist advised her not to quit her job before coming in for an evaluation.

In this conversation, you will hear Marisol share her successes, her struggles, and her story.  Marisol talks about her diagnosis, “parenting herself,” and some of the strategies she has implemented.  Marisol explains why she decided to join the ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability group, and what she has gained from participating.

You’ll Learn:

  • [05:19] – Marisol tells her ADHD story.  She talks about being overwhelmed and the feeling of failure, and the impact that was having on her career.
  • [09:33] – Marisol expected her evaluation results to show one thing, but she explains why the results surprised her.
  • [10:22] – After starting her prescription, Marisol experienced an “astounding” semester.
  • [11:18] – Marisol talks about introducing strategies to work hand-in-hand with her medication.  She shares what drew her to the ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability Group.
  • [13:30] – Marisol explains that parenting her daughter she was parenting herself.
  • [15:56] – Marisol describes her husband’s reaction to the news that she has been diagnosed with ADHD, and wanted to join the Coaching and Accountability Group.
  • [19:30] – Marisol talks about her interview with me to join the group.
  • [21:20] – There is power in a group and the power of “me too.”  Marisol describes this feeling.
  • [22:47] – Marisol explains what she hoped to get out of the group.
  • [26:29] – Balancing work and home life was something that Marisol identified as a major issue.
  • [29:30] – Marisol describes her time-blocking strategies, and how they’ve changed.
  • [33:33] – Marisol talks about battling with perfectionism.
  • [39:23] – Marisol talks about the mind map she created.  She explains how she aims to keep work at work, and home at home.
  • [48:45] – Marisol talks about the layers of her personal life goal cake.
  • [54:28] – Marisol says that one her takeaways from the group was “friendship.”
  • [1:00:13] – Marisol talks about the difference in her planning since she’s joined the ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability Group.
  • [1:06:27] – Marisol has a message for those of you considering joining the Coaching and Accountability Group.


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